Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Costa Rica Rendezvous

I've always been jealous of people that made really awesome bucket lists. I've always had a weird fear of them because I didn't want to plan all of these elaborate things that I knew I would never do. That sounds bad because I know that I'm supposed to dream big. I just don't want to be disappointed.

With that being said, if I did have a bucket list, riding a zip line through a jungle would definitely be top 5. Is that a weird bucket list item? See told you I was bad at this.

Well, I think next year I'll be able to cross that off my imaginary bucket list. Jeremy and I want to go on a really fun trip together after he graduates to celebrate both of our graduations! As of now we have agreed on Costa Rica, land of the jungles and zip lines among many other amazingly fun out side things to do.

So, hopefully in a year I'll be doing that ^ and holding this:

and maybe laying here:

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