Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

July is my most favorite month of the year and here's why:

1. You can catch a good fireworks show every weekend... me the excuse to eat extra of this:

2. You can get one of these at every corner:

3. Most importantly it's MY BIRTHDAY...the most important day of the year : ) 

And hopefully we'll be able to do this:
{That's Melinda driving and me in the back...just in case you didn't know}

There's something about July that makes everything and every one slow down a little bit and enjoy the summer. I love it!


  1. I would have to agree you're birthday is the most important day of the year! Whoot whoot!

  2. wow, we look good on those jet skis. and man, we must be workin out HARD! look at my arms and look at your legs! we look bangin!