Monday, January 30, 2017


Our weekend started off bright and early Friday morning with a trip to the dentist. Fitz was lucky enough to be healthy, so he got to go over to his Auntie Nin's and play with his cousins. He was very well taken care of. Ellie got the short end of the stick and had to come with me because he cough was waking the dead.

Also, super random, but I had to send off a pair of reading glasses to Cale in the MTC, because he has apparently developed old man eyes in 4 weeks. I took it to the UPS store for same day delivery, filled out the form and was on my way. Later that day I got a call from the MTC to verify the spelling of Cale's name. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I probably put down the wrong last name...and alas, I did! They were confused because they happened to actually have an Elder Ruesch, who returned the reading glasses, and could not find one named Cale! I quickly corrected Ruesch to Kwallek and hopefully he got his old man glasses. I am seriously loosing my mind!

That night Jeremy made the trek up to Rock Springs with James to visit his cousin Steven. It was a much needed break for him and I am SO glad that he went. It sounds like there was a lot of sports, eating, and hanging out. Jeremy is always willing to cover for me anytime I ask, and I think I get to have way more fun than he gets to. The kids were sad to have him leave so quickly, especially Fitz. He's becoming quite attached to his daddy, and I've loved watching them together. Dealing with the aftershock of Jeremy leaving was a little rough, but everyone perked up after we got in our jammies. That evening we feasted on Arby's, put Fitz to bed, and Ellie and I ate about 60 packs of pop rocks and watched the Little Mermaid. I made Ellie sleep with me, which she did so very willingly, and we slept great!

Saturday we had a slow morning and then got ready and went to McDonalds to get some energy out. This only happens once in a while so they were both content for quite a while. Then we made a quick trip to Target and headed home for naps. It was so cold getting in and out of the car! I am so excited for February because I feel like there are a few sneaky warm days and we are longing for them. Once everyone was up for naps we went up to Ogden for Alex's bridal shower. Her mom and sisters did an amazing job and we really enjoyed ourselves. Ellie's favorite part was creating a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Sadly, she's 3 and toilet paper is one of the most unsturdy materials on the planet. We got home pretty late that night, so we all went straight to bed.

Sunday morning Jeremy surprised us by getting home early and he sent me right upstairs to get ready for church. I was so excited to go because 1) I wasn't planning on going because the kids were sick and 2) I got to go by myself! I thoroughly enjoyed my hour and a half to myself and happily went back to switch places so Jeremy could make his meetings. While I was gone Jeremy and the kids had a breakfast picnic on the tramp and watched Snow White. He's the best.

That night we went back up to Ogden to my mom's for dinner. It's kind of surreal every time I go into Ogden now because my mom has lived there for 16 years and she's getting ready to sell her house and move to Daybreak. Fitz continued to stay attached to Jeremy's hip and we did lots of visiting and eating. It was the perfect way to end the weekend. I also have to note Fitz's attachment to his blanket. It's a little intense at time, but not over the top, so it's usually juts cute. I'm very interested to see how this thing ends up a few years down the road. 

We ended the night on the phone with Nana & Aunt Tori and then called it. Now I'm already ready for the next one!

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