Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pumpkin Patches

We completely embraced all things falls and visited the pumpkin patch 3 times this year. The first time was to Black Island Farms. We go there every year around the boys birthday with James, Melinda and their family. We were out of town this year so we went a bit later, and it cooled down so quickly. We're usually boiling. We got on the hay right right away and set out to find the perfect pumpkins for our porch.

The girls loved the bumpy ride and Ellie wanted to make sure she got just the right pumpkin for our porch. She actually wanted a kitty pumpkin (?) and was very proud when she found it.

After we got our pumpkins loaded up in the cars we went into the slides and other activities that they had. Sadly, about 3 feet in, Ellie told me that I forgot to tell her to go to the bathroom...and then went to the bathroom. Did I bring any spare clothing? No. Bless Melinda, she helped me scrounge up some sandals, a swim diaper, and a blanket for a sarong. We made it for a few activities, but Ellie was freezing so we headed home. Darn.

Lucky for us, we went back a week later with a little preschool group. We made it through without any bathroom mishaps and had a grand old time. Ellie loved being with friends and so did I! Plus, the weather was beautiful and we got an extra pumpkin for our porch!

Lastly, we went to Pac Farms with Mimi. Right before we headed out we stopped by the pediatrician for Ellie's well check. This girl is getting so big! She needs to slow it down.

Mimi took the kids around to pick pumpkins for her porch and by this time Ellie felt that she was somewhat of a porch pumpkin pickin' professional. We found some good ones, went through the little maze and my mom decided that it was time for Fitz to learn how to walk. So she spent the next little while patiently hunched over helping him walk. I guess that's kind of my job, but you know, second child problems.

We stopped at Home Goods after, spent too much money, and tried on all the best witch hats.

This isn't completely related to pumpkin patches, but they are fallish, and we seriously loved and soaked up every moment of this season. I am so grateful that I can be at home with my kids and do these things with them. I love watching their excitement pulse through their little bodies. I love when my hand is grabbed and I'm dragged from one place to next. Being a mom is the best.

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