Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ellie Bean Turns 3!

Ellie Bean Blythe! How are you already 3 years old?! I'm not too worried about it right now because you ask me daily to "tend that you're the baby and I'm the mommy." So, I know you're not worried about growing up too quickly, at least in this moment. However, you also like to stand up as tall as you can on a chair as say, "LOOK AT MY BODY! I gettin' so big!" And yes baby, you are!

Mom was a little mean and scheduled photos for you and Fitz. You, of course, took it in stride because you're just that way, plus we promised to take you to the zoo after! Daddy and I stayed up late the night before to decorate for you. When you woke up you let out your signature squeal, and then again when you saw the living room. I love that you appreciate the little things. Always try to do that ok? That's where a lot of life's happiness is.

You asked if you could wear anything you wanted right when you woke up and of course we obliged! Not surprisingly you picked out your favorite dress up at the moment, Cinderella, and also requested that I do "Cinderella" hair. You are happiest in your dress ups and when you're not in those, your regular dresses are the only thing that will do. What am I going to do with you?! I'm eager to see how your style transforms over the years. I do hope that you always love to wear dresses...and sparkly shoes.

You and Fitz did pretty well taking photos, but you were both over it and ready to get on with the day. Danielle got some good ones anyway. By the way, your brother loves you so much.

We headed right over to the zoo and you were in heaven. The zoo is definitely one of your favorite places right now, especially when your daddy comes with us. You loved looking at the elephants and the lion cubs. I think you could look at them all day. We topped off the visit with a soft serve cone, a blue one of course, and we headed home to get ready for your little party.

You threw me for a loop and asked for an "Alena of Avalor" cake for your birthday. Good thing we have a Disney store close. You helped me add the figures to the cake and deemed to to be the best birthday cake ever!

We had Uncle James, Auntie Nin, and your cousins over for dinner (breakfast, your choice!), cake, and presents. We keep things simple in the birthday arena here, but we know how to have a good time, don't we? We loved hanging out with everyone and watching you open your gifts. Your are so enthusiastic in everything you do. Keep that trait too, ok?

By the time the festivities wrapped up you were doing everything in your power to not fall asleep, but alas you succumbed and all was well in your world. One other memory that I never want to forget: You LOVE birthdays, and I'm sure you still do (I hope!). The whole month before your birthday, the second after I would light a candle, I would hear you dragging a stool over to said candle, singing yourself happy birthday, and then blowing the candle out. Every time. It was the cutest thing ever ever ever!

I love you little lady. You're so fun to have around and we have the best conversations. You're always trying to do the right thing and I admire that about you. You bring a party where ever you go and love being around people. Please always remember to be kind and happy. You're a good girl with a big heart. 

I love you bean bean! You're my little sunshine, forever.

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