Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fitz Turns One!

Happy birthday baby boy! What a year it has been! Do you know how great you are? You are a spectacular kid. You were such a good baby (and still are because you're only 1!). You're only imperfection was your sleeping habits for the first 11 months of your life. You really threw mommy for a loop, but taught me some good stuff along the way. Ok, and you're weight gain...or lack there of. You like food though, so I've relaxed a little. Besides that though, man! You are pretty amazing. You're happy. You're patient. You're cuddly. You're playful. And now, you're an amazing sleeper! Naps and night time! Also, I'm pretty sure you could get almost anything you wanted with your toothy grin, wispy red hair, and blueberry eyes.

We had a super fun birthday party at Nana and Papa's house. We kept it simple but you loved it. Ellie, Brookie, and Kendall made party hats and sang you happy birthday about a million times. Nana made everything so cute, like always, and loved that she was there to celebrate with us! We ate hot dogs for dinner, which kind of made me feel bad because you weren't allowed (you know, choking hazard and all!)

You loved getting into your cake...after a little bit of persuasion. Once you dug in though, there was no going back! You also shared some with mommy, which was so nice. We took about a million pictures, so there are so many of those. I'm sorry, but look how cute you are and I don't want to forget a thing! Also, THE BALLOONS! You loved your balloons, kid. Your party hat? Not so much. Ellie also blew out your candle.

You made out like a bandit with gifts but this one was my FAVORITE! Your cousin, Brooklyn, made it for you and she was so proud of it. So was I. You love her so much, Fitzy. Your grin can't get any bigger or arms flap any faster when you lay eyes on that Brookie Jayde.

Oh sweetheart, you are such a good egg. I thank my Heavenly Father every day that you chose to join our family. Your sister just adores you and the snuggles that you give her. You light up our lives, my little dreamboat.

I love you.

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