Monday, January 23, 2017


Ellie has us rolling on the ground daily with the things that she says. Hopefully, I can get on here enough to record some of them. Lately she's been very concerned about the difference between boys and girls and hearing her own take on it is always interesting.

One night we were having grilled cheeses for dinner and she very seriously put down her sandwich and said, "Dad, know why I like girlled cheese? Because I'm a girl. Fitzy just likes boy cheese"

Today, we were going through the carwash, which we've been doing regularly with all the salt, and there are a lot of fun colors going through there. Ellie is convinced that everyone is a different potion that turns us into a different kind of animal and then the orange potion at the end always turns out back to humans. Well, today Ellie decided that the rainbow potion turned us into unicorns.

"Mom! The potion made us lunacorns! Except Fitzy...he's a horse. Horses are boy lunacorns, right?"

After a 10 minute debate on whether or not boys could also be unicorns, she finally sided with me but boldly stated that they just aren't as sparkly. Oh this girl.

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