Saturday, January 21, 2017

2016 Home Tour

I've been wanting to write this up forever! I think I took these pictures when we got our home appraised last September (which is the only reason it's so clean!). I want to see how things change over the years in our home. I love this home. I knew that we were meant to live here the moment that I stepped into it. Things have already changed quite a bit, so I'm glad I took them when I did. I love looking back on our Kaysville house so I know I'll appreciate this down the road. Jeremy and I still can't believe that we've already been in this house for a year and a half, it still feels new to us. Also, this is not meant to impress, especially the basement! So, here it is, 1 year in!

Our semi-useful mudroom. I'll never complain about having a mudroom or extra storage but I do wish it was by the door that we use more often (our side door).

How cute is that little mug! Yes, those wood stairs have given me heart attacks many a time. My kids rock it at the stairs now.. We laugh at carpeted stairs, just kidding. I love them even more now.

This is one of my favorite pictures in our house. It's right outside my bedroom and helps me on the daily! It's always time to be happy, right?

I'm sure these storage baskets will never change. We'll probably leave them with the house when we do because it was a job just trying to find containers that fit in these random, but totally necessary shelves.

One of our biggest things with our new house was that it HAD to have 2 or more bathrooms. Well, this house does have 2 bathroom, one is just not available to use because it is in our rental. So, we have 1 bathroom still! Never will a family appreciate 2 toilets more than we day!




Laundry room on the left, Fitzy's room on the right.

Poor Fitzy will have a good room one day. I have GOT to get around to it because it still looks pretty much the same, darn it! That will be one of my new years goals for sure.

The storage room. Maybe I'll take a picture of day. It's dark and...full of things.

Jeremy's office/man cave. I'm hoping to spruce this room up one day too. We'll see though!

One of my favorite things about our house is the windows. They're huge and bright and I still get excited every morning opening the blinds. 

I got this clock from my Grandma this summer in Wisconsin. I've always loved it and found out that my parents actually gave it to my grandparents years ago. I love the ticking and the chimes. It is probably my most favorite thing in this house.

Our backyard grass is probably the teeniest in all of the land, but it's served us well. The kids love it back there and J.rue can mow it in about 3 minutes. One day a bigger backyard would be amazing, but right now, this works.

And lest you think my house is EVER this clean, this is what it looked like probably 30 minutes before I started taking pictures. Often, this isn't too far off from how it looks at the end of the day. However, she cleans up quickly and we love her.


  1. Love it!! Even though I already saw your home, it's fun to see with pics on walls,etc. Love your cute home, and your blog, and you!! 💞😊

  2. I know I've only been in my house for 3 months now, I'm so jealous of how amazing yours looks. The decorations, the curtains, the baskets, everything in a perfect place (obviously not every second of every day) but I love it!