Saturday, October 17, 2015

September BB (Before Baby)

The beginning of September was much anticipated at our house, but of course not for the normal reasons. We actually haven't done too many fall things this YTD, but I'm catching up and Ellie is seriously getting into to holiday spirit. However, I did make sure to burn a pumpkin spice candle and eat some apple cider milky ways. It wasn't a bad way to ring in baby month and the beginning of the best of the rest of the year.

Ellie and I took it slow for the first 18 days of September, especially in the morning. We would get our juice and cuddle on the couch and watch whatever PBS had to offer. It was sweet time spent together. She's gotten so much more cuddly in the past 6 months and I'm not complaining! The cutest was towards the end she became enamored with my stomach. So whenever the whim struck she would lift up her shirt and say "tummy touch?" and she would want me to lift mine and have a little cuddle time. Sweet thing.

We made sure to get lots and lots of cousin play time in. I was able to convince Melinda to let me watch the girls for a few mornings while she ran to the gym and Ellie loved it! So did I actually, it gave us a tiny bit of structure and got a lot of Ellie's little wiggles out early in the day. And look at that cute Keni. Oh I could just kiss on that face all day.

We took a trip with Heidi, Holden, and Ollie to the aquarium. Ellie loved running from fishy to fishy with her buddy and pointing them out to each other.

We hit up Seven Peaks for the last time with our regulars. It was a tad bit chilly so we didn't last long, but the girls did make it into the wave pool, the lazy river, and the mermaid lagoon.

There were a few days spent at Farmington Station shopping, dancing, and eating. I crave sushi like a made woman while I'm pregnant so we indulged quite a bit (the cooked kind only of course!). We highly recommend Sushi Monster if you're in the Farmington area. They're prices are super awesome and they're food is delish. Ellie is a little obsessed with their pot stickers and had almost an entire plate to herself each time and her miso soup, oh she loves that soup.

On Labor Day we wanted to head up to canyon to do a fire and finish up the summer with our favorites; hobo dinners. We didn't make it up the canyon for various reasons, but we found the perfect park with sand, a playground, and grills. The girls had a great time running around and the adults enjoyed our dinners in addition to smores and banana boats. Summer dinnering: complete.

Once we kissed summer goodbye, we rolled up our sleeves on got to work. I had an extensive list of things to do before baby day and Ellie had some serious only child playing to do. I think we were both quite successful. She felt that it was her responsibility to prepare me for a newborn and resorted to lots of baby talk and baby bed sleeping.

One of my projects was to update our drab bedside tables. They're from the Hotel Utah given to us by my grandparents. They had been painted once but were seriously hurting from years of abuse and a couple moves. I was just going to scrap the whole operation and get new ones, but I got a little cheap and just bought some contact paper off of Amazon instead. They didn't turn out perfectly, but for now, I'm happy.

I was able to meet up with some of my favorite lady friends the weekend before B.D. and we had lots of good conversation and stuffed ourselves with delicious food. I'm so thankful to have each of them in my life, they just get me.

We did a horrible job at getting any pictures, but my little brother Cale went through the Bountiful temple for the first time. It was so nice to be in the temple as a family. I'm so proud of him, he's amazing. We finished the morning off with brunch at IHOP.

Centerville put on the cutest Fairy Tale Festival this year and it was so fun to take Ellie and introduce her to her favorite princesses. It makes me so excited for Disneyland with this girl. I think she'll be a fan. She didn't hesitate to give the characters hugs and pose for pictures. Well, with the exception of Shrek of course who she was utterly terrified of and kept referring to as a "yion". We're thinking it was because of all the growling. We braved her up enough to approach him, but then she growled at him and her growled back and well, things didn't end well. Shrek felt horrible, darn it. She had a prince fit her with a glass slipper and got to meet her two favorite "Let it go" princesses. We're already looking forward to next year.

Really, the rest of our days were spent getting little things done around the house, cuddling during nap time, and then going on little adventure, just the two of us. I was in heaven and I think Ellie had a pretty good time as well. The rain kind of got in our way, but we didn't let that get us down. She was a little spoiled, but eh, it might have been more for my benefit than hers.

The day before baby Fitz came Melinda, Keni, Ellie, and I fit into one car for the last time and jetted down to City Creek while Brookie went to pre-school. We got lunch at Bocata and if you haven't had their BLT with a soft boiled egg. If you haven't had one yet, run don't walk. You can thank me later. After we ate, the girls play in the little dinosaur play area. They were in heaven. After, we hurried down to Nordstrom. I was on the hunt for the perfect neutral fall and winter lipstick. I'm happy to report that I was successful and I'm now the proud owner of MAC's Syrup and I'm never turning back.

Melinda was nice enough to get a few pictures of Ellie and I at the end of our trip. Oh I love this girl!

That night, we packed up and headed to my mom's. I was being induced then next morning and it worked out beautifully that my mom lives 2 minutes from the hospital. Granted, we did have to pack half of our house, but it was so worth it! My mom painted my toes for me and we headed to bed. Sadly, very little sleep was had by anyone. Ellie must have known something was up because our champion sleeper was up crying most of the night. My blessed mother took hear at about 4 a.m. and they had a couch party. Looks comfy, yes?

I was stressed and so exhausted, so it was a welcome thing when the hospital called and asked to move my induction. So instead of having to be at the hospital at 7 a.m. we got to sleep a little and drove in at 9 a.m. It was a blessing for everyone. My mom snapped the last photo of us as a family of 3 and we were off. Obviously, I was overdone. My face is so swollen it looks like it hurts. Woof ;)

Now if I can get Fitz's birth story up before he's 6 months old I'll call it a success.

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