Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ellie Lately

Our little Eleanor Bean Blythe is 18 months old! I can't believe it. I'm devastated and over the moon all at the same time. She's an amazing little human, seriously the coolest. I'm sure I'm biased, but that's what moms are for, right? I'm most definitely her biggest fan. There's bunch of cute and some not so cute things that I need to remember so list form it is!

At 18 months Ellie Bean:
- must be sitting on my lap/stomach when we're watching movies or shows. Not next to me, not on j.rue's spot on the bed, right on my lap. She's gotten a million times more cuddly than she's ever been. I wonder if she knows her world is about to be rocked in April.

- along the lines of TV watching, she's a Frozen fanatic. We have the DVD upstairs on our bedroom TV, the blu ray in the basement and a digital copy on my ipad and phone. Her first string of words was "let it go".

- When she wants me to pick her up while I busy cleaning, making dinner, etc. she kisses my leg over and over again. She knows how to work me over.

- She still loves her babies and stuffed animals with all of her heart. Nothing else reigns superior. Nothing.

- She's learned how to point her finger and say "no, no,no". To the dogs, her babies, birdies, and even me. It's lovely.

- She loves all animals and is always pointing out birdies and begs to go and see the "mamas" (llamas) every few days. She loves feeding them carrots.

- She recognizes herself in pictures when we ask her who 'that' is. She responds with Eyee and a huge grin on her face.

- Her favorite foods to eat are string cheese, any kind of dink (drink), cereal, green beans, bananas, and cookies (which include crackers, donuts, cake, and any other sweet), and snacks (which are specifically fruit snacks).

- She loves bath time and bubbles, but loathes water in her face while I'm rinsing her hair.

- Little lady has a big thing for shoes. She's always making sure she and I both have a good pair on. Most of the time she insists that I wear my Nikes  everywhere we go. That usually doesn't fly.

- She runs faster than I do. If she gets more than 5 paces ahead of me I have to do a full on sprint to catch her.

- She also loves Curious George and calls him Georgie.

- She's a huggie girl. Whenever she sees her friends or cousins the first thing she does to is run to them and give them a big hug.

- However, if she feels that she is wronged in anyway, she just as quickly throw herself on the ground or shriek high enough to break glass. No one gets in her way.

- Although I know she has no idea that she has a sibling on the way she loves to point to or kiss my stomach and say "lub you bebe". It melts me. Does it get any better. I honestly think she's going to looooove this baby right away. The loss of constant one-on-one attention will be hard, but oh does she love babies and their tiny toes.

- Doing her hair is getting a *little* bit easier. She'll usually leave her pig tails in for most of the day.

- When we get her out of the crib in the morning no man is left behind. No blankets, babies, or cups. Don't even try or you'll have to walk all the way back downstairs to get them while she's throwing a master tantrum in your arms.

- Ellie never got stranger danger.

- She loves Cooper & Maggie and puts them in headlocks daily to show her affection. They tolerate her.

- Pedicures are a favorite post-bath time activity.

- She loves brushing her own teeth, but strongly dislikes when we insist on doing it for her.

- She runs away the second we take her diaper off...still.

-She loves the carts with the cars on the front. I've learned that I'm  terrible at driving them. I hit every corner...every time.

-Ellie still has a love affair with makeup and all things lip gloss.

- When she has something she knows she's not supposed to have and is caught (like lip gloss) she runs away as fast as she can and then we she knows she's caught she throws said object as far as she can and keeps running. Girl knows how to cut her losses.

- She's finally taking a liking to books. Hallelujah!

- She refuses to be fed. She either takes the food off the for we're offering with or take the fork from us. She usually just likes to have her own fork and figure it out herself. She's pretty good at it and that's great for my lazy parenting style.

- I never realized how much I sayd "ok?" until she started responding to me with "ok mama" even when she's really sad. This is really cute.

- Ellie would spend every moment outside if she could, unless there's sand or snow. If she sees a door or looks out a window she's begging to go "side".

- She's a really good jumper. She can usually get both feet off the ground about an inch.

Like I said a million times, she's a dream come true even on her worse days. I love my sassy sidekick.

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