Wednesday, January 21, 2015

15 Months

Today we went in for Ellie's 15 month well-check. Besides it being at 8:30 am, everything went well. I didn't think getting somewhere that early would be a big deal because we make it to the gym every morning by 9, but what I didn't realize is that I NEVER have to get myself ready to go to the gym because, stupid, and planning for 15 minutes of driving rather than 5 also throws a wrench in things. None the less, we made it and just a few minutes late.

The appointment was completely and totally uneventful, which is what I prefer. We have the most awesome pediatrician who will take time to answer my million questions and he's so so good with Ellie. We had to get 3 booster shots. Oh and Ellie wanted me to add that she hates hates double hates shots. I envy all of those parents who say their child cries for 30ish seconds and then is good. Ellie blames me completely and punishes me for about 30 minutes.

She came in at 20 lbs 15 oz (18%) for weight and 31 inches (67%) for height. Oh and her head? It's still tiny, 15%. So basically tall, skinny, and tiny head. Her pants will not make it through the winter, I'd put money on it. Where getting dangerously close to high water status anyway.

As for the rest of 15 months Ellie loves climbing on everything, playing mommy to her baby and all of her other 28 stuffed animals. She loves pushing said play things around in her fashionable pink and yellow stroller and wrapping them up in blankets and giving them sips of her water. She rocks them to sleep and gives them kisses galore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this means she is going to be nurturing and kind. I won't have a mean girl in our house.

She loves eating bananas, cheese sticks, vanilla oreos, and peanut butter bread. She eats everything else (thank goodness!) but she especially loves those things. Oh, and if she can get her hands on some pop, oh she doesn't even know what to do with herself.

Ellie is super social and hasn't acquired the dreaded "stranger danger" yet. I'm sure she's holding off until right before she goes into nursery. She's starting to say some words; mama, dada, no, ruff ruff (what dogs say), cheese, nana, papa, nin, please, thank you, loves, and I'm sure a few other things but those are the big ones.

She's obsessed with having socks and shoes on (oh! and she says shoes) but detests putting any other types of clothes on her body. She loves Cooper and Maggie with her whole soul and I'm eternally grateful that they're patient with her. When I tell her that her daddy is home she runs over to the back door and anxiously waits for him to come home. And then she gives him the biggest squeeze and squeal. It's my favorite thing to watch.

When she wakes up from her naps her crib must be completely cleaned out, blankets, babies and all. She HATES having her teeth brushed (probably more than shots) and even though she'll never admit it, I think she loves wearing hats and headbands. She's getting much better at leaving those on. She loves playing in my makeup and looking "beautiful". She's learned how to fold her arms "for Jesus" and will keep them that way for about 2 seconds.

Basically, we love this girl to pieces. She's the little light that we never knew we were missing. Oh and she still grunts and giggles before giving food. That didn't go away with the nursing, thank goodness.

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