Monday, August 11, 2014


So I just had a birthday not too long ago and it was wonderful and glorious and everything that I would want in a 25th birthday (except that j.rue was in India). Also, I love having a birthday in July. It's (kind of) halfway through the year so it's the perfect distance from Christmas (optimal present distribution) and it's the perfect time for a new beginning. I'm not planning a major life overhaul or anything, I'm actually quite content. However, I do want to use my little internet space to write more.

Why oh why is it so hard for me to sit my bum down and write though? I mean, really, it's hard for me. Usually because I have a million other things that I really need to be doing. But honestly, I think I need this too. I really do have a head full of so so many thoughts and poor j.rue can't be expected to listen to ALL of them. Yes, most of them, but all of them, that would just be cruel. You know, what I mean?

So, here's how it's going to go: I'm going to write and I'm going to do it more often. It's so amazingly therapeutic. Plus I'm feeling terrible Ellie's first amazing year of life hasn't been better recorded. That girl, she is a good one and deserves to be recorded and even this is easier than keeping an actual journal. The best I'm doing is a "one line a day" journal but if we're being completely honest, sometimes I catch up on 3 weeks at a time so there's that...

Is anyone else devastated that summer is almost gone?! Every time I think about it I have a panic attack, throw Ellie in her swim suit and head to the pool, which is not completely a bad thing. Girl loves the pool in her floaty. But at the same time, I'm REALLY excited for it to be fall. It's going to be full of birthdays, holidays, snow (yes, I'm actually excited for snow) and we're not going to miss a second. Last Christmas it was all I could do to kind of decorate for Christmas. I'm kind of  a wuss when it comes to having babies so I plan on going full throttle this year. From September 26th (j.rue's birthday!!! all the way to January 1st). Decorating, baking, family outings. I'm pumped. Now I need to go an make a list...

This really has been a good summer though. Our little family has been to Wisconsin, California, Zions, Glendale, St. George, and India (that's all j.rue, but it still counts) and everywhere along the Wasatch front. We've played in the pool, eaten too many delicious meals, added to our family, and have spent some good late nights with some of our favorite people. I'm hoping to have at least one post for each of our out of stater destinations, but you guys, I'm only human. And only a human that sucks at updating her blog so let's not get too carried away. But really, I want to.

Okay, I could seriously write a novel RIGHT NOW, but it wouldn't be very good. So to wrap this up, j.rue is home from India after 3 longs weeks of absence. I've learned a lot about myself, like when one of your 3 is in India and the second of your 3 hardly eats solids, dinner doesn't happen too often. I am capable of changing a million diapers in a row, but I don't like it, and babies miss their daddies too much for them to be gone for that long. Also, Ellie is SO COOL right now. Really, I just revel in her day in and day out.

SO MUCH MORE TO WRITE. Until next time!

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