Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Friday evening we joined our better halves and dyed some Easter eggs. Brookie was the egg dying extraordinaire and shared her stickers with Ellie. Sadly, Ellie forgetful mother left the eggs at J&M's house. It was still fun, none the less. 

Melinda was born to be a hostess and always have the cutest set-ups. She had a latte bowl for every color. I envy her latte bowl collection, so much!

Earlier that day Melinda and I got to escape for a 3 hour lunch free of kids. We couldn't remember the last time we had done that and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We ordered our Zupas and chatted the afternoon away. Of course I wouldn't let Melinda leave without a run to Krispy Kreme and Sonic. I arrived home to a happy but hungry baby and a relived husband. Don't get me wrong, he loves spending time with his baby, but he can't feed her and that adds a little bit of extra pressure.

After the egg dying extravaganza, dinner was eaten (burgers and fries) and House Bunny was watched, because you know bunnies and Easter and such :) It was a late night so we decided to stay for a sleep over. Ellie didn't mind sleeping in her old bed and she didn't mind waking up to her favorite cousin even more.

The girls snuggled in bed and made googly eyes at each other. Brooklyn is so sweet with Ellie. She couldn't have lucked out more with an older cousin.

Then a bath was in order. Ellie saddled up in the bumbo (which kind of floats) and Brooklyn helped me wash her hair. She was also kind enough to show Ellie the ropes of a big girl bath. I think Ellie's excited to graduate from the kitchen sink.

We hit up an Easter egg hunt at Sonic and Ellie managed to get her hands on a couple eggs (thanks to j.rue) and got 3 jolly ranchers and 2 snickers. We gladly donated them to Brookie's Easter candy collection. 

On Sunday morning the Easter bunny visited Ruesch Manor and it was so fun watching Ellie poke through her basket. Even though she didn't have a clue what was going on, she still brought some magic back to the holiday. Holidays with kids are about a million times more fun.

My mom was alone so we decided to join her for church. I really really wanted a family picture in our Easter duds but Ellie had a blowout in her dress during church so we walked out of there in a diaper and blanket. Oh she was proud. I tried to get a couple photos of us after, this is the best I got. She's a little reacher.

Lucky for Ellie, the Easter bunny got confused and also dropped off a basket for her at Cece's as well. Double spoiled.

She got some more bubbles and books and bears. She's a fan of the bubbles.

I have about a million darling photos of her, but I'll spare you...unless you're friends with me on google +, then beware. Oh and we also tried to fly a kite. J.rue ran that sucker from one end of the field to the other but to no avail. Ellie and I didn't mind watching though. Hopefully next time we can get it up in the air.

I love Easter. It always feels likes a new beginning with spring and the sweet reminder of our Savior and his love for us. I think next year we're going to invite the Easter bunny over on Saturday so we can better focus on the true meaning of Easter come Sunday.

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