Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I think I can safely say that we're finally getting the hang of this mother-child thing. Of course, I say that now and Ellie will enter into a new stage that will throw it all off, like tomorrow. That's okay though, this little gal keeps me on my toes and enjoys watching me do it. She's changes so quickly and I can't seem to keep up, no matter how hard I try to live in the moment.

Want to know a sad thing? I realized that I haven't rocked Ellie to sleep in basically forever. When she was itty bitty she would fall asleep on me all the time, so I got some good rocking to sleep and snuggling. When she started sleeping a little less I would get her to sleep and immediately race to get some work, cleaning, or exercise in. I'm not gonna lie, Ellie is kind of a champ sleeper, not perfect, but pretty champ-like, so getting her to sleep is quick and (mostly) painless. This translated to her being able to put herself to sleep and she just didn't need her mama for that. So we do our little bed-time routine and down to bed she goes. We're also believers in the 15 minute cry it out, call me a meanie if you must, but a little crying never hurt anyone. Okay, it hurt me a little, but even the most sensitive mama hearts can usually handle 15 minutes.

Okay, I totally veered, but basically I wanted to say that tonight I rocked my sweet babe to sleep. I sang her about 10 songs and we stared love stares into each other's eyes for about 15 minutes. I loved it, every second. My teeny tiny is almost 6 months old and she's growing up before my eyes. By gosh! I've got to rock that girl to sleep more. Oh, and that gummy smile. Heaven help me!

Ellie's witching hours are most definitely 5 p.m. - 8 p.m., off and on, but girl loves to fuss the second I decide it's time to make dinner. At that point I can't wait for 8 to roll around, and then, the second that she's safely tucked away in her own room, I miss her like crazy! She loves when her daddy comes home, she takes a break from the fussing and concentrates her efforts on showing her daddy her rolling skills and favorite toys of the moment.

Does anyone else struggle major with bedtime routines? The actual making them happen isn't the hardest thing, it's really just being home on time to begin them. Her bedtime comes so quickly when we're out and about. Luckily, she's flexible with us and only screeches at us once in a while. This is where I think the rocking to sleep should come in, yes, I've just decided. Whenever we get home late and disturb her slumber, some love stares and singing will be in order. It's only 2-3 times a week. The rest of the week, every baby for herself.

...and since we're taking bedtime routines, I think I'll just type mine up. Like I said, these things change so quickly. I really do wish that a bath could be part of our routine, but my poor little one shrivels up like a, I don't even know, something peely, dry, and red. so we don't bathe much around here. Judge me, I dare you :) anyway...

1. We clean her earrings, ears, neck, and behind her ears. It's amazing what she can hide in her neck.
2. She is then promptly slathered in her smell-less eczema cream (oh how I long for a sweet smelling babe!).
3. Bum is changed and creamed.
4. Jammies are put on, it's a battle to get those arms through the sleeves every.single.time! We also put socks on under her footie pajamas, is that weird? And then she goes into the sleep sack. We don't have bumpers so we've sturggled with her getting her legs stuck through the crib bars. Sad.
5.  She eats her little heart out.
6. We read a book (Fairy Birds and The Biggest Kiss are our favorites right now)
7. We sing a song - or 10, if we just can't bear to leave her sweet smile.
8. We say our family prayers.
9. She receives about 5 trillion kisses.
10. We turn on the humidifier, say I love you, and close the door. Crying usually ensues for a couple minutes. She's turning out fine.

Oh, this girl has my heart!


  1. we found our son would get his leg or arm stuck as well in his crib - we bought the mesh bumper pad and love it! (just a thought!).