Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I went a tad bit cray cray this last week, and it was no bueno. On Sunday (the first day of my 38th week) I had just decided that I was done. I hurt, I hadn't slept in a few weeks and, AND, I got my first stomach stretch mark. While other stretch marks have appeared, I was really hoping to avoid the stomach ones. Well, why the heck would I be that lucky. I think I've gained a new one every day. Good thing my bikinis are packed deep in the depths of who knows where. Just kidding, I know exactly where because I did such a good job nesting.

Speaking of nesting, I got home Wednesday evening, put a little laundry away and realized that all of my house projects and cleanings are DONE. I guess 38 will be known as the week of "dones". I didn't even know what to do with myself, so I put my feet up and watched TV with zero guilt. I think that was the universe giving me a little bit of a break, it calmed me down and I'm not as in big of a hurry to get her here. I know that sounds kind of mean, but really, I need some guilt free relaxing time in a bad bad way and I plan on doing that for the next week or two. It's maybe the best feeling. BEST.

My doctors appointment this week lasted about 10 minutes.

Weight: Normal
BP: Fine.
Elle's heart beat: award winning according to the doctor
Effaced: 40%
Dialated: 0.5 cm STILL

She's so comfy in there it's not even funny, but because I'm officially ready for her arrival I'm not going to complain about kicking back and relaxing.

We were lucky enough to have j.rue's pops in town for a couple of days and did a little bit of early celebrating. Sadly, he had to leave before his big 5-0 (which was yesterday), but who hates celebrating birthdays early? Not us.

J.rue and I both had Friday off so we spent most of that day birthday shopping, with some baby errands mixed in of course, because really, there's no escaping it. So. Much. Baby. Stuff. I also decided that I would be inducing labor that weekend so we walked. a lot. I probably would have tried to walk to Park City if he would have let me. It did snow a tiny bit in PC while we were shopping and that was kind of fun. We're definitely not ready for a white world yet, but it was a fun interjection. So Friday we walked, and walked, and walked, and ate some spicy food.

^^ how's my pregnant face doin'^^

Saturday we went on a hike that about killed me. Since it about killed me, there are no pictures just because it was not pretty. It was however, the perfect day for a hike and it was gorgeous up in the mountains. Later that evening we went with the fam to Black Island Farms for some pumpkin pickin, hay riding, corn maze, sliding fun. I was hoping the slides and hay rides would tick Ellie off enough to come. So, I put myself through this:

^^let's call this gem "Mother of the Year" shall we?^^

But alas, here we are, Wednesday, October 2nd, when I thought she would be here and she's not. So I'll continue my walkin', but probably call it quits on all of the other "methods" out there. I'm just too tired. BTW, I have a pregnancy count-down at the bottom of my blog. We just have 5 days left. FIVE. It's gone by so quickly. If only I had some sort of guarantee it wouldn't be longer than 5 days.

le sigh.

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