Thursday, September 26, 2013


Week 37 shall go down in the books as the week of no sleep. It's officially began, for real. I thought that it had begun a few weeks ago, but I really didn't know what was ahead. I'm actually functioning a hundred times better than I thought possible, but it still doesn't mean it's pretty. I've banned j.rue from asking me how I slept until she gets here because no one wants to rub salt in the wound and start the morning off on a negative note. Sadly, I'm one of those that takes about 30 minutes to become pleasant to be around when I have to wake up before 7. I need to work on that.

The doctors appointments was pretty much as unexciting as the weeks before. I tested negative for the strep and I was/am dilated to a whole 0.5 cm and 25% effaced. Obviously, we're not in too big of a hurry, are we Ellie? It's fine, we're not ready yet.

However, I did manage to finish off her room which I now declare my labor of love for this child. Painting over ceiling clouds, I won't do that for just anybody. When I finished it up I made j.rue come down and we just laid on the flood. It was surreal. I think he got a little excited too. I also had my final shower on Saturday, thrown by some lovely ladies in the ward. It was so fun to get together, chat, and eat lots and lots of chocolate. We really and truly did move into the best ward. Speaking of church stuff, did I mention that I got a calling? I'm the Personal Progress Advisor for the Mia Maids, and I'm stoked to be back in young womens. Also, I didn't ever finish my personal progress (sad), so I will most definitely be working on it right along with the girls.

Our little gal is huge, well at least she feels huge, at least 15 lbs. Heaven help me if she is. She's still doing all of her rolls and tumbling and will stick me with an occasional heel. I'm a little worried that she isn't going to be a snuggler because every time I find a limb or point she quickly hides away. We actually have started a hide and seek tradition every night before bed. She's exceptionally good at burying herself so far back that I can't find her. Please bless she's a little more cuddly on the outside. I wonder when she's actually going to choose to come outside? Anytime soon? It doesn't feel like it. Not one bit. COME ONE ELLIE!

While the week was full of sweet things we did loose Jeremy's sweet uncle on Tuesday. He was one of the most generous and kind man that I've ever met and heaven gained a good one. While we mourn his loss their is great comfort that he will be reunited with his sweet wife and we will see him again soon some day. That is one of the reasons why I love this gospel so much. His funeral today and Jeremy was honored to be a pall bearer. He will be so greatly missed.

P.S. It's my hot sexy man candy of a husband's birthday today. He's the big 2-7. Oh how he still makes me swoon.

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