Friday, July 5, 2013


Our lovely 4th celebrations started nice and early...literally around 2 in the AM. We had some sprinkler, puppy and A/C issues that took a couple hours to sort through. I didn't stress too much because I was utterly positive naps would be had that day, you know, in celebrations. Spoiler alert: they didn't. My family was set to meet us at Kaysville's fine dining establishment, Granny Annies, but much to our chagrin they were closed, so we opted for another breakfast favorite, Moore's in Ogden. As evidenced by the photo, we were all a little pooped, but we all managed to get through our heaping plates of breakfast goodness.

During breakfast I had to document the largest blister brought on by a sunburn, it literally made my insides churn. This blister is owned by the brother in the yellow hat. Life guarding has taken it's toll this summer. The saddest part? He's jetting off to Mexico on Sunday. We basically need to send him wrapped up in millions of aloe leaves.

Kaysville gets pretty exciting on the 4th., so exciting in fact that it took us about 20 minutes to get from the freeway off ramp back to our house, which normally takes maybe 4 minutes? It was fun to drive around and people watch. We got back from breakfast right before the parade began, so we were most definitely in the thick of it. We didn't attend this year, but we're close enough that I felt like we were at the front lines. I'm also happy to say that there were no attempts to park in front of our driveway this year. Always a win. It's a love/hate thing being so close to all of the festivities.

Once we got home and started doing laundry and some tidying up for that evening we noticed that despite our A/C's best efforts it had gotten 2 degrees HOTTER. My stomach dropped, not in the good way. I was about to pop a cake in the oven, use the stove and have a little dinner party. Plus, A/C thing tend to not come cheap and paying for things like that make me strongly dislike owning an old home. We tried all of our tricks, but to no avail. So we gave up for a bit and went to run some errands, a little later than planned, thus no nap. I was hoping by some miracle our A/C would just start running when we got back...but it didn't. Luckily, by another miracle our neighbor was able to come over and take a look for us. Can I just say that we lucked out in the neighbor department. This family is one of our favorites. They're the most friendly and kind people and they're always willing to help, and boy, have we needed and so appreciated their help.

To diagnose our A/C we had to turn the heat up...full blast, 90 degrees. At this point, it was down to crunch time so I was baking and cooking and running around like a mad women. We got our house up to a steamy 85 degrees, but thank the heavens above! our A/C was back in action. I also took a moment to glace at myself in the mirror and found that I had turned a lovely shade of shiny beet red, making me also very thankful for a hard working BB cream.

That evening, in a still sweltering house, we had some family over. They all came in stages, but by the time we were all there together grilling steaks, boiling corn, and frosting cakes it was a little bit of chaos. It was still a little warm but HALLELUJAH that our A/C was all healed up and working hard again to cool things down. I live for the day that I have even just a tiny bit bigger of a house. I love entertaining, I just don't have enough room to put everyone! Regardless, we're so glad that each and every one of them chose to spend their night with us. We're pretty infatuated with our families. I don't know what we'd do without them.

This is one of the worst quality pictures ever, but can we all just take a moment to enjoy Brookie's grin? If that doesn't make your day even slightly better there might be something wrong with you. She was everyone's entertainment for the evening and pulled off a 5-star show. My family is enamored with her and her cute little voice. She's a hoot.

^^ This is kind of what it looked like while everyone was crammed into Ruesch Manor. However, once the dust settled we had a delicious dinner of steak, potatoes, corn, and a plethora of other things. It did not disappoint. My grandma kept us entertained with her trivia questions for most of dinner and it showed me that I know not a lot. It's fine, I'll always have my looks, right?

Here's that bump picture I've been promising for about forever! Yesterday I was 26w5d, so basically 27 weeks. So, we're a little off, but we had to document Ellie's first fireworks She was at the perfect stage to enjoy them because apparently her hearing is to the point that she can hear the goings on outside of the womb. We better start watching what we say. She demonstrated her new ability to hear with a startled jump after each loud firework, like clockwork. I'm thinking she liked them.

Earlier that day j.rue went over to the park to stake out our spots. We have the set-up pretty figured out now and I think it's safe to say we have "a spot". It's definitely become a family tradition over the past 4 years and we'll take anyone and everyone that's willing to come with us. Kaysville fireworks are our favorite!

Just so you know, Brookie's bloomers were to die for. Her mommy does a good job dressing her for the occasion. She was so excited for the fireworks. She kept telling us how big they were going to be and then broke out some of her best dance moves. I hope she can teach some to Ellie.

I'm all for loving my body, I really really am trying hard, but one thing that I'm excited about (of course besides getting Ellie here safe and sound) is to get rid of the pregnancy face. I have my workout regimen scheduled and waiting. But until then, I'll keep to my 30 minutes when I get to it and pay attention to not eat more than...2 pieces of cake. It's the little things, right?

Once the show had ended we headed back to our house, said our goodbyes, and went straight to bed. We knew we would be feelin' it in the morning when our 6 am wake-up calls came. Little did we know that fireworks would be going off until almost 1. Joy to the world. Oh well, it's only once a year, right? We slept like babies.

Even though everything didn't go 100% as I had dreamed (really, does it ever?) it was still a fabulous fourth and we loved spending it with the fam. We really wouldn't have it any other way.

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