Monday, July 1, 2013


Welcome to Monday my friends, and also the 1st of July. Pretty much my most favorite month (birthday season for you newbies). Sigh. I really so love everything about this month. Two paid work holidays, fireworks, swimming, bbqs, birthdays, the works. HOWEVER, we all know that I'm a complainer, so how about we start now, mmmk? Also, I have seriously so pictures because I want to use them all for my post tomorrow, so sorry about that. Lots of words today. I was going to post the picture that Baby Center sent me this week, but it's naked and all that exciting so...this is all I got. Oh and maybe a really ugly picture of my dessert Thursday? Why not, but man sakes alive I've got to start getting more pictures.

Ok so I was kidding about the complaining, but not really. It just happens that I'm starting to get to my uncomfortable phase of pregnancy, which I'm guessing is going to become more and more comical as we progress through the days of July that refuse to go below 100 degrees. It just has to be recorded. Usually, I don't mind the heat too bad, but I'm a wuss past 92 degrees, and so are my sausage toes. My body is still champing this pregnancy, it's just starting to slow down a bit. If I'm outside in the heat, it's all I can do to crouch in any splash of shade I can get and sit there like a melted puddle. Even in nice A/Ced rooms I'm slowing down. Exercising has been restricted (just by me) to 45 minutes or less and walking up the stairs...well that's just avoided at all costs. Really, to simplify, sitting, sleeping, and standing are kind of hard work. I can't do any of the 3 for too long.

On Friday I had a tiny freak out. I had some weird cramping pains and didn't feel very much movement. I called my nurse and she kindly listened to my slight hysterics and gave me no straight answers. I was not pleased. After a crying fit and other embarrassing shows of emotion (to j.rue) I finally was able to reason with myself. I realized later that I usually spend the hours between 7-5 sitting in some capacity making it more than easy to feel kicks. When I'm moving around I just don't notice things as often. Also, it was hot and I was running errands, and cleaning, and packing, and hauling stuff out to the car. I'm sure little miss Ellie wasn't super thrilled about being knocked around like that for hours. Oh the fights we shall have when she's out of the womb, I really can't wait.

I really truly do want to take bump pictures, but every time I think about it I'm either a) in my pj sleep shirt that is much too short and much too tight (I don't curr) or b) have chosen to not wear a speck of makeup and I'm sorry, but I just won't do that to you. But I'm really really really going to shoot for this week. We've gotta get some pictoral proof because I actually look pregnant now.

Speaking of looking pregnant, those kicks I love so much, are just getting better. If I can get myself to stay up past 10 we play this game we she kicks and I push back and then she kicks again and so fourth. She'll play we me for about 10 minutes and I revel in every second. It's our best conversations in our most secret language. I can pretty much tell how her day went by her ripples and kicks. Most days I'd say she a little grouchy, just like her momma. I also find slight joy in putting books and ipads and such on my stomach and watching them bounce around as she kicks. She's very particular as to what we stack on her. Being able to see kicks on the outside blows my mind.

According to Baby Center she's a hefty 1 2/3 lbs, which I shall graciously be subtracting off of my weight gain this Wednesday. She's still furry and is getting nice and chubby for me (please have large cheeks). I only have 2 more weeks in the 2nd trimester and I am so not ready to graduate the 3rd yet. It's flying by oh so quickly. I don't even know where my days go anymore. This Saturday I'm hoping and praying that I can get her room painted. The dag nabbed bed is still in there, so we'll also have to vacate that. BUT is is pretty much a holiday weekend (I have to work Friday, boo) so sometimes we're better at doing fun things rather than doing productive things. But cest la vie and carpe diem and such, right?

Sneak peek for tomorrow:

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