Monday, June 24, 2013


Will I ever get over the fact that I title my posts one number and then shout hooray! hooray! I'm (insert one number higher than title's number) this week! ?? I really don't think so. Oh and just in case you're just a little bit confused like my brain tends to be, I am 25 weeks HUZZAH! You know, and all that. Being pregnant is starting to feel like not being pregnant, in that I have accepted my new weird body and am just going with it, like normal. It's nice to be at peace with my body again, especially after 6 months of unrest.

I think we've finally for real settled on a name and I really am going to tell you it tomorrow (even though almost everyone on the planet knows it already), because, of course, it has to make it's official blog debut for me to be taken seriously, am I right? Also, please keep in mind that I change my mind almost daily, so when she pops out and I write a post saying something along the lines of "We're proud to announce the arrival of Genesis Geneva Ruesch" please don't point out that 3 months ago I said her name would be [insert name here] and that you liked that much better because honestly, you'll hurt my feelings. BAD...and we all know that I'm not that consistent to begin with.

All of last week I've had a ton of pregnancy related thoughts bouncing around in my head. Unfortunately, my fingers can't articulate those words and thus less posting. It's very exciting things about staying at home and quitting jobs and hormones and the sort. I know exactly what I want to say, I just don't know how to type it. I've written it and deleted it about 10 times. So you may or may not know my reasoning behind quitting my job after she gets here. I really want it to happen, but I'm just not sure.

As far as the actual pregnancy is going, I'm feeling pretty dang great. b.rue is kicking up a storm. She's still scared of the dark abyss that is my actual middle abdomen. She still prefers to nestle deep down south, unless I mess with her too much. In that case she shacks up diagonally against my right hip bone and down onto my bladder. She does not like to be told what to do. It's fine. Whatever. My emails tell me she weighs about 1.5-2 lbs, meaning that I will be subtracting that from my total weight gain.

Today, I found out that I still cannot handle caffeine like a champ and that it makes my thoughts run 2000 mph and my hands jittery. To make things more fun for yourself you could read this post like I'm talking in my quickest fast voice. It will make it like I'm reading it directly to you. I also know that I'm an awful mother for subjecting my unborn child to caffeine, but honestly I've had it a total of 4 times while pregnant. Fingers crossed she'll make it through. Oh, and my ankles have been a little more forgiving and haven't swelled up on me as much as they were last week.

I had someone ask about b.rue's room and if it's done or not. I had a slight panic attack because honestly, I haven't done a single thing. I'm hoping this weekend of next we'll get the queen bed out of there (I'm pretty sure I've been hoping for that for the last 5 weekends, but to no avail.) and I can begin painting. I picked out a paint sample, slapped some up on the wall as a tester, and approved. It's going to be so fun painting a super light color over over resident circus stripes. Other than that I'm shooting for August, maybe September. Babies don't need 100% completed rooms, right?

I'm thinking 2 more things and then we'll close for the day. First, I'm reading this parenting book that I'm totally enamored with, it's called "Bringing Up Bebe". I've never really loved the idea of parenting books because they overwhelm me and make me feel like an inadequate parent, and I'm not even a parent yet! But I love everything about this book so far and plan on purchasing my own copy and making it my baby bible. I love it that much.

Two, I'm really bad at writing posts that are relevant to the attached pictures. A couple of the pictures that I have included are from Friday night. The other is of my brother is his ugly- a henna tats that he let his little girlfriends draw all over him. Our friends, Scott and Mary, had a bunch of our friends over for dinner and a hang out. Basically our favorite thing to do on the weekend. We don't see these people and their cute kids nearly enough. The best part though? We found out Scott and Mary are expecting a little beginning of January! We couldn't be more excited for them!

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