Monday, June 3, 2013


Last week was most most favorite week of pregnancy thus far. Little Rue was ever so present with her movements, and really, those little jabs are still my most favorite things. She was even so kind as to give her grandma and uncle Cale some high fives. She's just getting more and more polite as she matures. I'm so proud of my girl! I've started feeling more like myself than I have pretty much since December, which can I just say, is about the best thing ever. Not feeling like yourself for 5 months is rough. I've been able to keep my house clean, exercise, and I even stayed up until 11:30, and I'm not even lying.

At this point, b.rue is weighing about a pound (I know it's all relative, I'd like to think she weighs 9 actually) and is about 10.5-11 inches long and I'm starting to feel it more and more. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday and kind of want to know if she's sitting lower than normal. I ask because I haven't felt a single movement above my hip bones and good golly she loves to nestle right up against my bladder and what feels like my tail bone, and she's out for the count. If we can get through the night with only 4 bathroom trips, we count that as a success.

J.rue is getting more and more excited for his upcoming role as dad. I think the nesting bug has even hit him. Yesterday, and yes I know we're big fat Sabbath breakers, we spend about 4.5 hours cleaning and organizing his half of the bedroom. Actually, 4 of those hours were JUST spent on his closet. No, that is not one of my usual over exaggerations. That boy has clothes, oh so many clothes. And I guess we can change that to had because I'll be taking about 12 pounds of just t-shirts to the DI sometime this week. J.rue did sweet talk me into using my far superior folding and organizing skills. I told him he owes me something good, and once we were done, he agreed. His closet is the most sparkly clean it's been since the day we've moved in.

I don't know how nesting has affected other pregnant gals or if I even know what nesting is yet, but I have this innate need to have my whole house spotless before little rue gets here. It's a little obsessive, but I'm making it closer to my goal one cupboard at a time. Funny thing is, I keep putting off her room. Probably because there is a gargantuan bed her in tiny mouse hole of a room right now and not much can be done about that. And probably because I'm overwhelming myself with room ideas. I think I need to just start going, so this weekend, we're getting that bed out. That room will be painted by the end of this month. My little flower cards came on Friday night and really, I just can't wait to slap these puppies up on the wall:

I've also found what I'll be using for a mobile. The website says to not hang these over a crib, but I'm pretty sure they're just heavy duty paper and I'll just make sure they're unreachable. Really Land of Nod, we're not all dumb. 

In other Ruesch news, Cooper and Maggie managed to eat about a half of a chocolate sheet cake by themselves in the dark of the night. I'm proud to report that neither of them have died...yet. Sneaky little turds. I woke up Saturday morning and noticed that the paper plate our friends had brought us cake on was 1) empty and 2) licked clean. At first I though j.rue may have gotten hungry after I ditched him for sleep, but after he vehemently denied it (I may have woken him up, demanding why he ate ALL of the cake), all of the pieces quickly fell together. Our dogs feel that if there is a will there's a way, and there was an opportune chair left un-tucked that evening. Lucky for the fur children, they have stomachs of steel. I'm really just mostly upset that I didn't get to have any cake. This particular friend of ours makes delicious desserts.

And also, it's a Monday!

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