Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Blog?

Lately, j.rue and I
have been talking a lot about why I blog. Sometimes he doesn't like that I do it, sometimes he does. A couple of days a go he asked me why I blog. It actually made me think. Why do I blog? I started off a couple years ago just to record things that happened to us as newlyweds, you know, cruises, house hunting, spring breaks, but I wasn't really good a keeping it up. It didn't make me excited, it was almost more of a burden. Then, some out-of-state family started reading and that motivated me to keep up on more of our everyday lives instead of big events, because let's face it, we weren't doing too many huge exciting things. After I started writing for other people I actually started to enjoy it. I feel like blogging has opened my eyes to more of the beauty of every day life. I've learned that if you really examine your life, your day, at the end of the day, that you can find sweet little things that make it all worth it. 

Once I finished up school and had a little extra time on my hands, I started reading other blogs. There are some amazingly talented ladies out there with great ideas, insights, and thoughts, and they're brave enough to publish it for others to read. How cool is that?! Some days I swear they write posts just for me. They truly are inspiring.

After a while, I decided that I wanted to give more consistent blogging a try. Talk about things I love, sad things, happy things, while still keeping it a journal of our day to day life. I'm not claiming to be anywhere near the caliber of other bloggers and most of the time my writing isn't up to snuff, but I do enjoy it. I hope one day to write something that someone needed to hear that day. I want to share ideas with people and talk to YOU. I want to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a writer and a person.

Even writing this post is outside of my comfort zone. If you're a regular reader, then you'll know that I mostly  write about things we do over the weekend, things that I want to buy, and little things that bring happiness into our everyday lives. Shall we say the lighter things in life? These are all good things, and I enjoy writing about them, but I want this to be a place where I can also share thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. I'm not great at expressing feelings, even opinions {ask j.rue}, I've always been really worried about stepping on toes or offending someone to the point that they won't like me as a person. That's probably one of my biggest fears, not being liked.

I would love to eventually create a network or community where we can have discussions about ideas and where we can get feedback from each other. Please feel free to email me or comment anytime. I always try my best to write back. I love it when you leave feedback and suggestions. It makes the whole blogging experience more gratifying and exciting.

If you read to hear about new things or to catch up on the happenings at Ruesch Manor, don't fret, they'll still be here. I love them both too much to not write about them. I just want to expand my scope. And if you're wondering about the random pictures, those are our neighborhood llamas. I love them, but we'll talk more about them another day. Posts just aren't as fun without pictures, right?

Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Breeeeeeeeeeeeeaaak! 9 hours and counting...

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