Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Call Me Giver

Last week j.rue and I decided that it was high time to give back and give blood {both of us had been super chickens}. I have a strong aversion to needles and although he won't admit it, I'm pretty sure he does too. We went thru all of the preliminary mumbo jumbo, and it was decided that our blood was up to snuff. My tech was the most hilarious man ever. Couldn't understand most of what he said, but I could tell it was funny. So we laughed and that was just delightful. It took a lot of my nerves away. Bless him for that, I was sweating bullets at just the finger prick.

J.rue got hooked up before me, and made it look like a cake-walk. He watched her put on the iodine, put in the needle, and hook up the bag. I, on the other hand, turned as far away as I could and pretended to be interested in my GLAMOUR magazine. SIDE NOTE:That magazine is so good at making me ponder the more important things in life like, "is everyone kinkier than me?" or "the #1 unhealthy thing that's totally good for me!" Sometimes I question my credibility as a person for reading those dumb magazines. What can I say? It's a vice.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so they apparently put a huge needle in my arm, but I was too busy contemplating the more important things. Can I take a second to brag and tell you that I filled my bag in 3 minutes at 57 seconds??? Blood giving champ, right here, ladies and gents. I kicked j.rue's bum by about 3 minuets. That is important because, you know, I won.

I wish the story could end right there and I could say that we frolicked home knowing that we had done our good deed for the day, but if you know me, you know I don't put boring stories like that on here. Well, maybe I do. Don't tell me. As we were finishing up, I felt like my body temperature was turned up about 146 degrees and that I was going to ralph all over. Just so you know, I have a strict no ralphing in public policy. My funny accented tech man told me to "cough" I told him that if I "coughed" I would surely throw up all over him. I finally got my bag and started {loudly} dry heaving into it. I am proud to say that my no ralphing policy has not been broken in anyway. But this was a close call. I look back and j.rue is as green as kermit the frog and about to pass out. The rescue party then hurried over from me to him to continue the fanning, pep talking, etc.

I know a lot of people get all faint-like after giving blood, but after we had both somewhat recovered from our crazy antics we looked around and realized that there were oh, about 8 other people giving blood, not being affected in any way, not dry heaving or turning green, just staring at us with looks of "wow drama queens much?" pity. How's that for awkward? So we took our cookies and juice and shuffled out of there. Cool story, huh? Yeah, not as much as I thought, but it's written. So, you're welcome!

Weekend Weekend Weekend:
-ladies night
-puppy lovin'
-queen mom's birthday celebration
-ruesch fam FHE

Is it just me, or do most of my weekends sound the same to you?  That's what I thought...

In the words of my queen mother {which she would say as quickly as possibly before I was able to slam the door}:


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