Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gratitude - Two

I am grateful for Cooper Kevin Ruesch {Yes, I am doing each of my dogs separately}. He was my first fur baby and life hasn't been the same since. Before Coop {B.C.}J wasn't sure if he wanted an inside dog, I convinced him to just try it, and of course he fell in love with Cooper instantly.  I know getting a puppy isn't as hard as having a baby {or so I'm told} but I got up with him every two hours during finals week for potty training, I took him to doggy school, and I took him out to play in the bitter cold winter.

He has one of the most unique doggy personalities, ever. He's so independent and isn't much of a snuggler most of the time, but when he decides he wants to, it's one of the best things ever. He's growled while playing ever since i adopted him {at 6 weeks} and is kind of a little bit lazy when it comes to retrieving toys. Coop loves the snow and could sit outside for hours. He loves chasing snowballs and burrowing in the snow. He's also really good at posing for the camera, which he should be. I probably take 10 pictures of him a day.

I miss his cute puppy face, but I wouldn't go back for anything. We just get each other now, and he's a pretty good listener...most of the time.

I know that he's going to love and protect our future babies, he's sweet like that.

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