Tuesday, November 1, 2011


1. It's rainy, gloomy, and windy, and I love it! I'm so happy it's finally sweater and boot season.

2. Last night for Halloween we grabbed a pizza, hunkered down in the basement, and watched Little Shop of Horrors and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. I wouldn't really recommend either, but it still fun and it was nice to just go home and do nothing. {no we did not hand out candy last night, we are Halloween scrooges}.

3. Lara Bars are my new favorite snack, every flavor I have tried is delicious. Plus, there's only about 5 ingredients {and you know what each of them are!} I highly recommend!

4. Are any of you watching Once Upon a Time? We love it! It kind of scares me, but not really. I love seeing the new fairy tale characters every episode. I think it should be a good one, especially since it's written by the writers of LOST {hopefully they won't leave as many unanswered questions for this series though}

5. I know that I'm one of the annoying people that {kind of}listens to Christmas music early, but I really do hate it that everyone has their Christmas stuff up already. Being a lover of all things food, I am in no way ready to surpass Thanksgiving and move right on to Christmas. We have a couple of steps that we have to follow. 1. Christmas lights go up the day after Halloween {to avoid icy roofs} but do not get turned on. 2. Witches and bats get put away and turkeys and pilgrims come out. 3. We have about 3 Thanksgiving dinners {I do not mind} 4. Christmas tree goes up  the Friday after Thanksgiving, or it will never get put up.

Oh and I can't forget a basement flood somewhere in there {please please please keep your fingers crossed for us} Two years in a row in PLENTY.

6. New blog recommendation: [dandee] in the cozy brick house. She has the cutest style and great ideas!

7. Sunday we went over to J's family's house and watched the original Footloose. It was good, but I do have to say that I loved the new one a tiny bit more. Maybe it's just because I love Julianne Hough

It was amazing to me how they kept even the tiniest details the same. They didn't change much, just improved.

8. This is one of my favorite quotes, and this is the cutest way I've seen it:
{you can find it on pinterest or buy it on etsy}

9. I've done not the best job with my FLY Lady {cleaning} schedule. I've been able to maintain, just not get any extra organizing done. Is anyone else pooped when they get home from work? I struggle.

10. It's officially Thanksgiving time! So, every day until Thanksgiving I'm going to post something I'm grateful for and a picture of it. Kind of like a short-term gratitude journal that will be fun to look back on. Today, I am grateful for my job {even though the students kind of drive me nuts}. 

{you can see my new gray and  yellow walls---plus some of the awful orange I tried before the yellow}

I feel so blessed to have found it before I graduated, especially with the tough job market that we have today. It's something that I was really worried about. I also couldn't have asked for better co-workers, they just make work that much more fun. Plus I have a window in my office...that opens. Trust me, those are few and far between for advisers here at our fair University.

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  1. I'm beat after work too... Come to think about it, i'm just always tired.