Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm back from Denver, and loved every minute of it! However, it is nice to snuggle in your own bed with your own husband. I loved the city and the energy and the conference that I went to was AMAZING. It helped me a ton in my job, but even more personally. {More on that next week}.

I came home with a new quote/goal and plan on asking myself this EVERYDAY, yes everyday.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just getting through the days, weeks, or even months and just keep looking forward. So, starting yesterday {as pooped as I was} I am focusing on living in the present and really enjoying each day possible. If I really use my time wisely and stay productive I can easily do these few things for myself each day, even if it's something tiny {and kind of dumb} I'm determined.

This is how yesterday went...

my mind?
- the daily google trivia or "a google a day". scoff if you will, if ANY of you know the answer to those questions off the top of your head I will give you $5.

Absolute pitch is the ability to hear a tone and immediately know what musical note (or pitch) it is. What continent has the highest number of children with absolute pitch?

my body?
- I took the puppies on a walk. in the rain. loved it! {today I tried a new strength training class, fabulous}

my spirit?
- read my scriptures, meditated, and journaled

my relationships?
- focused on the hubbs, we had a heart to heart. I really don't know what I would do without him

my creativity?
- There's been this wreath I've been itching to make and I finally bought the stuff for it!


my passion?
- I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that is. Is it sad that at 22 I don't know my passion? Am I even a passionate person? I'm hoping this little deal I'm doing will lead me in the right direction.So for that I will say that I love beautiful things, and it's a beautiful thing when you have a clean house, so I cleaned up and now have a beautiful front room {that has YET to be decorated with anything fall-ish} That will be Saturday, hopefully.

thoughts? suggestions?

Have a happy weekend friends!

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  1. I am soo glad that I got to see you while you were in Denver. My answer to your trivia question is... I want to say China but I think that maybe good USA has the post perfect pitch people!