Monday, October 10, 2011


We had a most fabulous weekend...

- fall/halloween decorations up
- BYU won!
- mac n cheese from the blue box {halloween edition}
- LOTS and LOTS of relaxing on Sunday.
- chocolate waffles {thanks for letting us copy you Melinda!}

...we rarely EVER stay home on Sundays, but it's the nicest thing ever when we get to. Jeremy and I decided that it's happening at least once a month. Yesterday we managed to fit in a fall drive up the canyon, 2 hour nap, and 2 movies including a new halloween favorite...kind of. not really.

BACK STORY: I had an Elvira cardboard cutout {like life-size} that someone gave me for my birthday the summer before I started at the U. I decided that she would travel with me up to my dorm room, and she did. She made it thru 2 dorm rooms and a house full of girls. She was used and abused, put in showers, beds, and closets to scare the unsuspecting roommate. We had lots of good laughs with her. Funny thing was that no one really knew who she was or why she was worthy of her own cardboard cut-out. We just loved her. When I got married, I decided to leave her in the hands of my kappa sisters. Who knows where she is now?

Well last night we were doing some random surfing on Netflix and stumbled across this gem of a movie. I made J play it just so I could see my Elvira in action. It was so awful that we couldn't stop watching, kind of when you see something like this...

You just can't stop watching {you kind of just want to follow them around.}. Anyone experience this ever? Anyone? This photo is actually from the "People of Walmart" website and this pictures is so fondly names "girls of summer." Isn't it nice that no matter how you go to Wal-Mart you'll probably still win the award for best dressed?

Okay, so the movie was actually kind of funny, but obviously kind of dirty. But, does that really surprise any of you? I mean look at This movie might have to become part of our Halloween tradition, until we have children. Or maybe just not.

My recommendation? If you have nothing to do, are in the Halloween spirit, and have Netflix streaming click play. I bet you $5 that you'll have the intention of watching 10-15 minutes and end up watching the whole thing. Oh, and for all of you {Chastity Pariahs}, if you  have an opposition to nipple tassles {yes I just said nipple} then you may want to skip the last 5 minutes of the movie. Just to warn you.

Out of curiosity, have any of you actually seen this movie? Did you get sucked in like we did? Let me know!!!

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