Friday, September 16, 2011

The Weekend and Other Random Thoughts

We made it to Friday!!!

Things to look forward to:
-BYU v. Utah game
-Bountiful Basket 7 {or 9?} grain bread {try it if you haven't}
-Ladies night
-A little shopping with Melinda and baby Brookie
-Sunday dinner at my mommy's
-Going to sunday school with J
-a little R&R

Things to not look forward to:
-Jeremy working from 9-3
-Me having to work from 10:45-12...1st time since I've started working here in I a whiner or what?

Just in case you didn't know fall TV starts next week! So, my bum will be firmly planted in front of the TV every night next week {sans Friday & Saturday} Don't worry, I'm not making it a habit, most of the time those shows are saved for the elliptical.

This is my most favorite picture of the week:

I just find them both extremely adorable.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hun, I can't believe you posted this picture online, ha ha. What if I run for president someday and this picture ends up on the front page :-P?

  2. then they'll know you love animals...but let's not put ourselves thru that :)