Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 on tuesday - birthday week edition

1. We kicked of J's birthday week today. I love that he's finally jumped on that train. I was a little worried, but he seems to be taking total advantage.

2. J didn't have to work today and I got off early, so we decided to make a day of it. We started at Este Pizza in Sugarhouse. They make a mean pepperoni pizza and it was the perfect day to eat outside. They also give you the cutest dishes to eat on

3. Jeremy may be going sky diving this week...with my mom.

4. J was so upset by BYU's loss Saturday night that he almost made us go to another ward so he didn't have to face the Ute fans in our ward. He also said he's facing two years of suffering, possibly 3 if BYU loses next year. Dramatic much? Love you hun.

5. I had a ladies night with Lindsey, my work BFF. We spent some quality time at J. Crew and then some more quality time stuffing our faces in CPK. We ended up at Target around 9:30 and tried on the latest sleepwear. We had so much fun. I don't know what I ever did without Linds, we're kindred spirits.

6. Shoes. J and I LOVE them. On our way back to Kaysville we stopped at Kohls to "look around." Yeah right. Have any of you actually went to Kohls to "look around" and left empty handed? Not us. We hung out in the shoes for the most part. I tried on some sa-weet leopard heels, but I couldn't talk J into them unfortunately. Shoes like this kind of remind me of updated spice girl shoes. I don't hate em, anything that give my stubby legs length is fine by me. I think I might have talked him into some black ones though.

7. Continuing on the topic of shoes...J came home with some pretty cute shoes and my boots FINALLY came in the mail. I hate ordering shoes online, BUT I had to find something to accommodate my "athletic" calves. I am proud to say that I have finally succeeded. The following picture is compliments of the hubbs.

Isn't he so artsy-fartsy? He wants to make sure you notice the zippers on the sides of his shoes, he thinks they're pretty awesome.

8. New items on my wish list:
- Bracelets - J. Crew - To add some color to my gray & black winter wardrobe.
- Capri Blue, African Jasmine Candle - Anthro - Best spring/summer smell. Will be purchasing March 1, 2012. That's springish time right?
- 5 O'Clock at Belvoir Castle Perfume - Anthro - My new "it" perfume...once Christmas rolls around.

9. 2&1/2 Men and Castle. Finally!

10. I talked J into going to Lion King 3D. How could we pass up  the chance to see an actual animated Disney movie in theaters. At first J was not super excited, but agreed. It was fantastic and he loved it! The fact that it was 3D made it that much better. I hope they bring more of the Disney Classics back to theaters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Beauty and the Beast. It's the first movie I ever remember going to see in theaters. Now, are you ready for the cutest picture of the week?


Nothing says cute like chubby, shiny, squinty faces. Jealous?

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  1. ok, i have never found a cute knee high boot that fits because of my super "athletic" calves. where did you find yours (however, I am quite certain that my athletic calves are much larger than yours!) ??