Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm not loving the nights when J is stuck at the table doing homework for hours on end, and lately it's been Sunday - Wednesday. So far, this semester has not been the easiest, but has provided the best opportunities for J. It's forced us to make some hard decisions and take a leap or two of faith, but we're reassured every day that we're doing what we're supposed to. We're so grateful for out relationship with our Heavenly Father.

J's work schedule has also been changed to Friday and Saturday, poor boy doesn't have it too easy right now, but I'm proud of how hard he's working Thankfully we only have 7 more months until his graduation. Then no more teachers, no more books. At least for a while. 

We can't wait!!!

On another note, after much internet hunting and price comparisons I found my leopard print cardigan {J just made me promise to keep it classy.} at...Wet Seal of all places! 

The best part? $18!!! Can't beat that, especially when my next best option was $59 {for the same colors}. I've never been brave enough to wear animal prints, hopefully I can pull it off {tastefully}

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