Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 on tuesday - {thursday edition}

1. I had really good intentions of catching up and writing this yesterday, but I've also been working on being more productive, and somethin' had to give {it was this}.

2. We had the best Labor Day. I took off Friday and Tuesday from work. I needed it {SO} bad, like to the point if I had one more student wanting to get into classes the second week of school I was going to have a mental break-down. This week has been MUCH better...considering I haven't even started my second work day of the week...Oh, to only have to work part-time and have rest of the time to stay on top of everything else. {sigh}.

3. Gary got home safe and sound Saturday morning. It was so good to see him! We got home right in time for the BYU game and they won as the cherry on top of that day! Couldn't have asked for a better, more perfect day for him to get home.

4. Last night, who knows what time, we had a power outage. It got hot, so J opened all of the windows. The breeze was wonderful, but J then decided that the puppies were scared of the wind so he let them sleep with us me. You see, the dogs don't snuggle up to J, he kicks. So, Cooper hunkers down between my legs and Maggie some how finagled herself on to my whole pillow. So, there I was at  2-4 am, with two furballs attached to me, no pillow, a loud neighbor who likes to talk really loud in his back yard {at 2-4 am, what?}, and a sleep-talking husband. Makes me so excited for our off-spring.

5. In lieu of all of that I still managed to get up a 5am to get to spin class. Today was my first official day of showering and getting ready at the gym, so I could make it to work by 7:30. Okay, stop your gagging, proper sanitary precautions were taken {flip-flops worn}. I know gym showers have a bad rep, but these were surprisingly squeaky clean and roomy. I was the only one in there and the only mishap was that the shower head fell off the wall and may have sprayed my clothes a tiny bit. I got over it. I had plenty of time to get ready and I made it to work 10 minutes early. I plan on making this a habit.

6. J starts his new job today! He's a teller at Wells Fargo over by Fashion Place. We're excited, and may have another big surprise coming today. So, STAY TUNED :)

7. I am a CHES {certified health education specialist}!!! Why is this a big deal? Because it was the hardest test I've ever taken. Hard like I had to read the answers to understand the question. Hard like I just filled in bubbles for the last 75 questions. Ask anyone that I talked to that day, I was 99.99% convinced I had failed. You have to wait until you are awarded your degree to get your results. Well, that time came and went and I decided that I hadn't passed and I didn't care if I did. Then I started having students ask me if I passed, and then I started wondering. So, 2 weeks ago, I finally sent in my transcripts. And guess what? I did it. There are still miracles performed on this earth. Really.

8. I took Tuesday to catch up on my house, which had been neglected for weeks. I caught up all of the laundry {for the first time this marriage has seen}, de-junked part of the basement, cleaned out the cabinets, and scrubbed the bathroom. It was glorious. I wish I had one day a week, every week, to do that.

9. It's finally starting to cool down, but I'm not quite ready for fall yet. I ordered some adorable coats and sweaters this weekend and they're not here yet. Plus, the boots I want are not in stock, so fall please stay away a little longer. Luckily, I have 14 more days. This is one of the items that I am counting down the days for:

10. I love all of the recipes people are posting on pinterest, actually I'm just loving pinterest, but the food is a definite favorite!

Now, back to work.

Have a fabulous Thursday! We're almost to the weekend!

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