Monday, August 22, 2011

first day of school

Today was Jeremy's last first day of fall semester, YAY! I felt kind of bad, since I wasn't worried about school starting {well, at least from the student perspective} he got no back to school clothes, no supplies, and he didn't even look up his class schedule until last night.

I did, however, drive him to school, dropped him off at class, and have him a kiss, quick pat on the bum, and wished him luck. He looked so cute walking into class :)

He's SO close! At the moment, he's not feeling that way, but it's insane how fast the last 2 semesters go.

This weekend we did lots of movie watching, it was nice and relaxing. Friday night we hung out in SL for a bit and decided what we wanted to do. We decided to head over to my mom's and watch a movie, Rain man {movie #1}. I fell asleep, but I like what I saw. Saturday Jeremy went to play football and I went to Xtend and then I stayed in SL for the afternoon and hung out with a friend.

We drooled over some fashion magazines {mostly about what Kate Middleton was wearing} and watched Something Borrowed {movie #2}. Then we went to the Gateway to see The Help {movie #3}

I loved it. Was it as good as the book? No, but what movie is? They hit the important events and made me cry 3 times, so I give it an A. I just wish they could have developed the characters more, but then it would have been a 4 hours movie. No bueno. It's definitely a good one to see for ladies night or with your momma. If you've seen the movie, but haven't read the book, you have to! It brings so much more to the story.

After some movie watching and some Anthro perusing {I had to pick up a few more latte bowls for my kitchen decor} 

...I was back home to take a nap and Jeremy joined me shortly after and we vegged. Then we headed over to hang out with Jeremy's mom and sister. We had some Panda and watched Dan in Real Life {movie # 4} and then headed home. It was nice to be with fam this weekend, we love them!

Sunday I made some delicious banana cake {you can find the recipe here} and then we watched LOTS of Ugly Betty...well I did. Jeremy was kind of in and out. So, I'm counting that as movie #5...and maybe 6 because I really did watch that many. That night we headed to James and Melinda for FHE. Melinda made the best lemony pasta. It was good to see everyone, especially baby Brooklyn. She might just have to be the most popular girl I know.

Overall, fabulous and relaxing weekend, and good start to fall semester as well. We're almost done!!!

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