Thursday, August 25, 2011


J was going thru the mail tonight and was looking at a catalogue and said "hun, you should wear these clothes, they would look cute on you."

Now, you have to understand, my husband does not understand my love for clothes, nor does he care much what I wear as long as I'm not wearing anything too loose {ha!}. I looked at the catalogue and it was Boden, my new love interest. Then I pointed out the prices and he said, "oh well maybe you can buy this stuff once I'm done with school....and we pay off our cars...and our students loans..." He's such a little stink. Got me all excited for nothing.
This is what I'm currently crushing on...
with tights and boots

this is kind of grandma-ish, but it looks so cute in the catalogue!

The best part about their clothes is that most of their skirts and dresses hit at the knee. Not easy to find right? Hallelujah! Oh and just in case your obsessive like me, they have a virtual outfit maker that's pretty fun to play with...ya know, if you ever get bored.

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