Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Get Away

I had a very boring weekend planned...

- Friday night: go home, do nothing.
- Saturday: paint my office, clean my house...
-Sunday: Singing time in Primary...

Saturday and Sunday fell through. Thank goodness, I needed it.

Saturday morning J begged me to go down to his family's cabin in Fairview with him. I wasn't so keen on the idea, still recovering from Lava {which I will hopefully post about soon}. But, he makes a good pouty face that's hard to resist. So, within the hour we were packed and on our way, dogs in tow.

We got there early Saturday afternoon and J just HAD to go swimming or he thought he would die. Again, wasn't too keen, but that dang pouty face got me again. It ended up being super fun! I don't think we've ever been swimming just the two of us, and it was nice. There was a fun old water slide that we ended going on a million times and had a blast.

The rest of the night we watched Miss Congeniality and relaxed. Oh and I ate my weight in salt and vinegar chips, gushers, and milk duds. As you can tell, I'm super dedicated to losing those stubborn LB.s

We wanted to see if the ipad in front of the face thing really worked. As you can see, kind of. But not really.

Later that night my mother and Sister-in-law joined us. We chatted for a while and then Jeremy took them on a 4-wheeling ride. I stayed home and watched Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. 

I know, I'm a bundle of fun.

Sunday we went to sacrament meeting and did some more relaxing, TV watching, and eating. We brought the puppies up with and they were in hog heaven running around and playing outside. Cooper found a sprinkler head that he was terrified of {if I can figure out how to post the video, I will}, and Maggie found a patch of stickers that she managed to coat her entire body with.

1. pictures taken with ipad=grainy
2. i have no idea how to flip these things...but you get the idea
3. maggie loves sticking her face out the window, it makes her look quite pointy.

I don't have many pictures, surprise, surprise. I really need a good camera. Any suggestions? 

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