Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Buddies

Yesterday was my birthday {my most favorite day of the year}, and it just got better...

Yesterday morning, at 8:12am, Baby Brooklyn Jayde Ruesch joined us...

I look a little haggard, but what can ya do? Brookie was born 5 minutes before me and weighed 5 oz. more than me. So that means we are birthday buddies for life, no arguments.

Doesn't J look so cute :) I can't believe how tiny she is, it was almost scary holding her. Melinda looked awesome {as always} and James was so cute with Brooklyn holding and bathing her. They are going to be the BEST parents. 

Jeremy and I plan on taking good notes. We're hoping we can get in line for a babysitting gig, but we'll be patient. Little Brooklyn has LOTS of people vying for her attention and cute baby cheeks. I love her already.

Here is a little more documentation of my {5} day birthday celebration. More to come tomorrow, or the next day...

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  1. You're too Cute! Hope you had a great day Chels :) What a fun birthday to share with Brooklyn