Thursday, March 31, 2011

Luscious Lips

I have been loving lip balm lately, maybe a little more than usual...

This one has been included in my night-time routine:
Smith's Rosebud Salve - it's only about 7 bucks at Sephora. It smells delicious and feels spectacular. When I wake up in the morning my lips are as soft as a babies bum.

This is my go-to during the day:
Fresh Sugar in Rose tint. It gives me a tiny bit of color and keeps my lips moisturized forever. It also smells delicous, kind of like fresh lemonade, YUM!


I am now officially stoked for summer. I just ordered this:
Giving me good motivation to keep up my ragnar training. Too bad it's backordered and won't be here until the beginning to middle of May. I have the feeling it will be worth the wait.


  1. Chels! Call me sometime when you want to work out. And Leila saw your blog, pointed and said, "Jesus." : ) 801-686-0272

  2. Oh cute! I really will call you that would be way fun. You just cant make fun of my lack of fitness : )

  3. good choice on the swim suit! sooo cute! i love the color!