Thursday, February 24, 2011


awkward. even the word looks awkward. I was trying to figure out how I was spelling it wrong, I wasn't, awkward. Thursdays are usually pretty drab for me, and today wasn't actually anything super amazing. I did however, have some awkward moments...

1. You know when you get out of the shower and you realize you really need something that you left in you car the night before so you put something totally random on? {Maybe that's just me} Well I left my makeup out in the car so I hurry and dry off and put on some ugg boots and a swimsuit cover up dress thingy {i was hurrying ok?} I run out to the curb, because that's where my temp car is and think I'm in the clear. Well I'm not and about six high school boys are across the street walking to school. awkward. Sad thing is, this has happened more than think I would learn my lesson.

2. I had an enlightening moment today. Here's a little background...I watch The Doctors EVERY morning. Even if I'm in the kitchen, it's turned on loud enough in my bedroom so I can hear it, I love it. Well, one morning I was listening to it and they were talking about how it is unhealthy to text and WALK, not drive, walk. I was intrigued to see how it exactly negatively effected my health, I do it often. Not the driving, the walking. Then at that very moment I got a text and realized we were meeting early for class, so I never got to find out this huge secret of the universe. I thought maybe cancer, impaired use of the phalanges, etc.

Today I finally found out why this is bad for the health. I was doing what I do best, texting and walking simultaneously back to my car from class. All of a sudden I look up to a man yelling at me to move, and a golf cart DRIVING ON THE SIDEWALK nearly runs me over. Awkward Yes, there were people around, and they were pointing. That is when the epiphany came. It is dangerous to text and walk because you could get run over by a golf cart, bike, pedestrian, etc. I actually looked up to see if youtube had that Doctors' did, and I was right. They said it's dangerous because you can run into something and hurt yourself. Kind of a let down right? Awkward for them.

3. I got out of my car in the Target parking lot and looked down. There was a big fat purple bra strap crumpled on the ground. So, if your missing a purple bra strap it's in the centerville target parking lot -- awkward for you.

4. On my way back out of target a boy passed me wearing a shirt that had my least favorite word in the world on it. "You Just Got Jimmered" Really people? Is Jimmer really that awesome? What does "jimmered" even mean? I think we need to get over him and move on...

4. I've recently decided that I'm glow-in-the-dark white so while at Target {a few days before the bra strap incident} I decided to get some Jergens tanning lotion {tanning beds are bad!!!} for the body and face. Note: they were both for light skin, the lightest one you can get. I've been faithfully putting it on the past few days. So, I had quite the interesting day at work...side note: I work at an afterschool program for a junior high and those kids notice EVERYTHING! With that being girl asked if I got a sunburn. One boy asked me why I looked orange and another boy told me I look better without make-up...I only wore mascara today. Awkward.

Those are my random thoughts for the you have any good ones?

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  1. please tell me that a few of these were accompanied with you pulling your hair over your face :) please!