Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Picks...

I just finished July's books by the skin of my teeth, like on August 1st, I'm still counting it though. But, I realized that there is no point in telling you that I'm reading these books and then not tell you if they were worth it. I'm not good at this, but it will give you some kind of idea if you might like it. So book review time...

English Trifle was the one that I just barely finished, but it was SO good. I would definitely recommend the whole series, and am on the wait list to get the last one, Devil's Food Cake. If you can't tell by now, I'm more of a fluff reader so, this book is a murder mystery novel, but just a warning it is quite fluffy. Through out the books there are recipes that are made in the story. They look so good, but pretty unhealthy so I haven't attempted any yet. The main character's name is Sadie, she's a sixty-something year old widow. Yes, I wasn't too thrilled by this, but she's cute and entertaining. As for being able to guess the end, I couldn't, but I'm not good at guessing the end of anything. So, I think it's a good relaxing summer read, go for it!

Sisters was very very good. I love Danielle Steel. If you haven't picked up any of her books I highly recommend her! The book is about four sisters that have completely different lives, but come home every 4th of July to spend time together. During this particular 4th they have a tragedy in the family and it pulls the girls even closer together. I love the different personalities of the sisters and the internal struggles they have. Definitely a good one!

I added a third one {book on CD, I spend way too much time in the car} It was another Danielle Steel called Matters of the Heart. It's about a photographer who falls in love with a sociopath. I really enjoyed the book and sat in my drive way many nights finishing up chapters. It was really interesting watching the sociopath's traits manifest themselves. My only complaint is that it was a little anticlimactic. I was expecting the end to be a little more intense, but like I said before, I read fluff, not much room for intensity.

Okay so now to this months picks...

I know I've added two extra, but I couldn't choose, so they will probably just last until the end of September, but I'm excited for them. The two Danielle Steel books are books on CD, so I'll probably finish those this month. The actual book ones will take me longer. Outlander is like 400 pages alone I think. So, I'll let ya know how they are, and if you have any book suggestions let me know!


  1. Where do you get your book ideas? I'm wanting to do some reading myself but the ward book club books aren't really my thing...

  2. Well, there is the best website called, they have lists and lists and lists of different genres of books that all have a basic synopsis. I would go there first, and then other people always have great suggestions too!

  3. I read Water for Elephants. A few curse words to ignore, but a great book. If you like Nicholas Sparks, you would love The Choice. Great love story. Also, Handle with Care by Jodi Piccoult! I have many many more that I just read if you need more ideas!