Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have been super lazy lately about doing personal updates on our blog. It's such a pain to upload photos and we're just not all that interesting, but I think that we have had some good weekends lately! Oh and there will also be lots of pictures of Jeremy and I, maybe a few too many. 

Well, the first round of good weekends started over Memorial Day. We went down to St. George for my cousin Chris's farewell and stopped by Vegas for a sec too. This is Jeremy in some hotel, but them umbrellas were cool.

Jeremy wanted to join to blue man group.

We got some delicious food at Cheesecake Factory


We also saw this truck driving around. We figured if you called the number on the truck they would drive to your house/hotel and would let a girl out for your enjoyment...just a theory.

and Jeremy fell asleep on the way home...anyone surprised?

I also got to spend some time with these girls, aren't they the cutest?

Lastly, I fell in love with bubble tea down there. If anyone knows where to get it LET ME KNOW!!!

Round 2 weekend was up at Katie and Zach's cabin at Causey. It was so fun but unfortunately didn't take very many pictures. The only one I got was of Macklin and a humming bird. Right before we left we were just hanging out and a humming bird ran right into the window and fell. It was so sad. James went down to nurse it and it blossomed into a life long friendship. Thanks again for inviting us up guys!!!

Random side some cute decorations for our bedroom. It's getting closer to being done!

Last weekend we got to spend some time with cousins that just got back from China. We had fun eating, playing games, and just catching up. They have the cutest little girl named Abby, she is 5 going on 20. We had fun learning to do cartwheels and teaching me Chinese : )

James, Melinda, Jeremy, and I went to movies under the stars at the Capitol. It was so fun and relaxing, they are showing movies that have been filmed in Utah and started the summer of with Sandlot, we loved it! 

Again I'm not good at taking pictures, but to celebrate the 4th we went to up Hennifer and the boys played 3 on 3 basketball, we went up to Coalville and ate, jumped off rocks, and just relaxed. It was so nice! We ended Saturday in Kaysville for their fireworks. They were some of the best we've ever seen. We were so close we had fireworks debris falling on us, but the music and fireworks were spectacular!

On Monday Melinda and I went shopping at our favorite boutique and then we went swimming with my family at Roy aquatic center, then to a BBQ a Gary and Lisa's, and finally to the Layton fireworks. They were packed! The boys came separate, the traffic was so bad they missed the first five minutes, but made it for the finale, which was insane! Really the best I think I've ever seen. I just don't know if the crowds and traffic are worth it. I think we'll just stick with Kaysville.

Well that's all the personal updating I have for now, and probably for a while! I haven't been super into blogging lately so I might take a short blogging hiatus. So until then, 



  1. i love your bedroom decor!

  2. Holy crap! Has there been a weekend where you've been able to sit and watch paint dry on the walls yet???? Ha ha ha you are so busy! but looks like you had some fun ! plus super cute decor! You should come do my house!