Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I don't want to brag but...

I think our house is adorable (minus the weeds)...that's my project for this Saturday morning. 
Our house is not so cute in the winter because it kinds of blends in with, well all the winter, so I feel it's okay to be very proud of it's colorfulness now.

And because  I have such adorable rose bushes I get to have one of these in my kitchen through out the summer.

I should be painting our bedside tables in the next few weekends, so hopefully I'll have more pictures of our summer bedroom project soon. I really hope I can get it done by the time school starts back up!


  1. Your house is cute. Where do you live at?

  2. we live in kaysville, right by the fire station. are you guys still in ogden?

  3. Yes just a couple blocks from Weber.