Friday, June 4, 2010

Any Suggestions?

I am frustrated, and maybe writing this will let me put it all in perspective. As some people know I'm working a lot, and probably too much if it were long term. I'm trying to complete my internship and work which usually puts me at a little over 50 hours per week. Yes, I know that people do this all the time, but they are superhuman. When I started by busy schedule I thought it would be okay, I would usually leave around 7:30 and get home around 7. Through out the past month though, I have realized that my life doesn't just consist of working, when you pile extra training, volunteering, appointments and meetings on top of  it, which puts me getting home about 9 p.m. every night. I am tired.

My house is an absolute disaster.

I haven't gone grocery shopping in who knows how long, haven't cooked in about a month and I'm pretty sure the people at Wendy's know me by name. I have laundry up to my ears, an unmade bed and an unwalked dog. On top of it I am gaining weight, quickly. No, I don't think I'm fat, but I am really struggling with this. It's so hard to eat healthy when you are constantly running and forget about going to the gym early in the morning or late at night. I try so hard to get up in the morning, but I literally can't drag myself out of bed.  I really feel like I am failing; as a wife, person, friend, and pet owner. How do all you busy people do it? Every day? I admire you if you can do it.

Now you might be thinking that I have the weekends to get caught up, well I thought that too. I have found that they are filled with trips, football games, family activities, and our friends. All of these things are wonderful things, but what I wouldn't give to have a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday to clean my house, go grocery shopping, weed my garden, and walk my dog. I told Jeremy next weekend I'm calling in sick to life, we'll see if it happens. We are actually going on a fun trip this weekend, kind of like a couples retreat, which will allow me to momentarily forget about other stresses...hopefully!

Well, that's enough complaining. I am very lucky in the fact that I have the most wonderful husband in the world. I can home tonight to a clean kitchen and it was pure bliss. He is so sweet and does anything he can to lighten my load even though he has a busy schedule too. I Love You Jeremy Scott. Thank you for every thing you do.

It sounds funny saying it, but I am so excited for school to start and things to slow down! This won't last forever, thank goodness and we can get on with our lives. I really am blessed to have all of the things and people in my life that I do. They are a great source of support and happiness. But if you see my August 23rd and I weigh 400 lbs. don't judge me : )


  1. I can sympathize with you; what you are going through now is how my boyfriend lives and works pretty much year round. One of our biggest challenges is keeping him healthy: how to eat well and fit in exercise when you're working 50+ hours a week, then have other obligations on top of it. It's hard! But, we find a way through it, the best we can.

    Good luck with your busy schedule. At least you have an end in sight!

  2. Girl... you totally rock! You are doing awesome! This is the time of your life where life is crazy, filled with school, job, and fun things! Just take a deep breath... and all will be ok;) Hang in there :)

  3. aww can do it! im always here to help with anything you need...and anything that i'm actually capable of doing!