Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just in case you haven't seen the last episode and are still planning on it don't read this, it might spoil some stuff, just in case you care : )

I never thought that I would get so into a TV and I'm not gonna lie, I still do feel kinda dumb : )
But, pushing that aside, it was SO good! I was worried about how they would tie everything together, but they did beautifully. The thing I was most impressed with was how they began with Jacks eyes opening, and then ending with his eyes closing. It was perfection, really.

I loved how all of the couples ended up together:

Jack & Kate
I had a love/hate relationship with these two through out the series, they made a ton of stupid decisions and a ton of good ones. They began together and ended together.

Sawyer & Juliet
Juliet was my all time most favorite character. I really liked Sawyer too, but kind of one of those love/hate relationships too. But my favorite couple and love story. I cried when they found each other again at the vending machine (i know, I'm dumb)

Claire & Charlie
I loved when Charlie saw Claire and remembered her.

Sun & Jin
I cried for the first time during the whole series when they died (6th season, not too bad) I loved watching their marriage transform, I just wonder why their little girl wasn't with them in the end?

Hurley & Libby
I really really really loved Hurley and loved Libby. I was so disappointed when she died so suddenly, and was bugged that I didn't know why she was in the loony bin with Hurley. I'm still not sure why she was, but I think it was just because of her husband's death. And Hurley was responsible for the best one-lines and comic relief for the whole show.

Rose & Bernard
They were just sweet, I was so happy when they were reunited.

Sayid & Shannon
They were so random, but I liked them together. It just worked.

Desmond & Penny
"See ya in another life brotha"

John Locke
He didn't have anyone waiting for him in the end, but they all ended up together, and that's all that matters.

I was sad not to see everyone together in the end. I understand why Miles, Daniel, Charlotte and Frank Lapedius (my favorite non-main character) 
were not there, but I would like to know why Mr. Echo, and ESPECIALLY Michael and Walt weren't there. Maybe they left the island too early to create their alternate world together? Oh well not big enough to be disappointed. I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! And I will admit it now, even though I knew Jack and everyone were together in the end, I lost it and bawled when he died with Vincent next to him in the bamboo forest. I was not ready for that, he was the best hero.

and the best looking : )

goodbye lost, it's been fun!


  1. OMG! I forgot about Mr. Echo! I kept saying all through last night's episode, "where's Walt and Michael????" We never did figure that all out. Why did Walt keep appearing in the jungle?

    I'm STILL so confused, and I'm a little disappointed that not all my questions were answered, as promised.

  2. I know, i'm sad they didnt talk more about walt, wasn't he supposed to have some special power or something too?