Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Princess Lessons and Weekending

Ellie has been waiting for February 3rd for weeks! Her Nana signed her up for her very first princess lessons and they did not disappoint. She would wake up every morning and went to bed every night asking when it would get here. We picked out her dress 2 weeks before and hung it up in her closet. I couldn't wait to tell her Friday morning that today was finally the day!

When it was finally time to get ready, she put on her dress with the utmost care, slipped on her shoes, and then very specifically told me how to do her hair and makeup. She was so excited that she would hardly even sit still for pictures, so all I got were the few on the stairs. As you can see, she was either too excited to function or thought that a pose was in order. Oh this girl!

J.rue escorted her to his car (which for some reason is her favorite) and they were off. I always hate missing out but there were lots of pictures and videos taken to appease me. From what I was told, there was a lot of dancing, magic spells, flying, and cookie eating. Basically, Ellie's personal heaven. She burst through the door when she got home and excitedly said, "THERE WERE SO MANY PRINCESSES!". She then spent the next 20 minutes divulging every detail to me and then we got on the phone to thanks Nana and of course she clammed right up, but hopefully Nana knows how much she appreciates it. THANK YOU NANA!

The next day was a bit of a let down because of the lack of princess lessons, but Ellie donned her best ballet wear and danced the day away. She also got some coloring in while I bagged about a million pounds of chicken breasts (Thank you for that Karen!) and we are set for a while!

That evening we got a sitter and went out for dinner and dessert. We went to El Rocoto for dinner and it didn't disappoint (and never does!). I loved eating hot food and talking to J.rue without any interruptions. After that we headed to Nielson's for some custard and then we had a bit of time to kill and we ended up just driving around. Jeremy was dying. He said that next time he gets to plan the date, and it will be much better. We'll see hun, we'll see. When we got home the kids would have gladly sent us back out the door, but after a little convincing that she would be back soon, they let her go.

Fitz has gotten into the habit of helping himself to a box of cereal before bed. So, after their late night snack and a dance party, they were off to bed, as were we. We're getting way to old.

This sounds pathetic, but I've been struggling to get the kids ready for (11 a.m.) church on my own, meaning that their Sunday pictures aren't turning out super cute, darn it. We'll get there. Then we took some naps and went to Jeremy's co-worker's home for a super bowl party. The company and food were the best, and to be honest with you, I watched about 5 minutes of the game. We did make it home before the end of the game, and I know it was quite the comeback, and J.rue was not happy about it.

Ellie wakes up every Monday morning so sad that J.rue is at work, and I tend to always agree with her, 100%. The weekends come and go far too quickly.


  1. I'm so glad she had fun!!! I've been waiting all year for her to be old enough to go! Love you

  2. What a wonderful Nana!! That sounds so fun!! Enjoyed reading this!! 💗