Tuesday, December 20, 2016

An Update

We were finally able to get some family pictures taken on Saturday (after a few too many failed attempts.). Besides the fact that Fitz had a double ear infection, I'd say they wen't pretty well. And, because I have gobs of pictures I thought, what better time than now to do a little update!

As for us as a whole, we're in a good groove. J.rue isn't working as ridiculous hours as he used to and has been able to take quite a bit of time off this year. It's been the best. Ever. I'm currently trying to figure out a way for him to be at home full time with us, or at least part time. I'm hoping to back blog a bit of the year but so far we've traveled to Disney Land, celebrated all of the holidays, swam all summer, and eaten more cookies than I'll ever admit. We still love living in Bountiful and have made the best friends. You'd have to drag us out of here kicking and screaming.

Ok, let's start with our little Fitzy, and when I say little I'm being literal. This month he made the big leap from the 0% in weight all the way to the 1%, weighing in at a feathery 18.6 lbs...at 15 months! Isn't he dreamy though? I cannot get enough of him. He FINALLY started sleeping through the night at 11.5 months and my life has never been the same. He's turned into the best sleeper and is still taking 2 substantial naps during the day. He is truly a laid back kid. We can take him anywhere and do anything with him. He's gotten a bit trickier in the past 2 months since he's started walking, but still, he's just good. He loves Micky Mouse Club House, balls, trucks, animals, motorcycles, and his blanket. If I'm being totally honest though, he mostly just loves carrying around spatulas and draping every possible random thing around the house. Picking up after him is no joke. He's got a burning love for wearing shoes and is constantly bringing them to me to put on him. He eats, I wouldn't say he's good, but he's not bad. Honestly, he's just inconsistent. I don't even think I could list a favorite food. One day he'll love something and the next it will end up on the walls. Fitz loves following Ellie around, as long as she doesn't touch him too much. He gives delicious slobbery open mouth kisses and calls everything "MAMA!". I always say that he loves me more than anyone ever has or ever will love me, and I truly believe that. He is my babe through and through. He's just sweet and that smile! It melts me, right along with his wispy red hair.

Ok, now to our Ellie Bean Blythe, the spunkiest 3 year old there ever was. This girl is a firecracker and I'm convinced that if she learns to use her powers for good, she will single-handedly conquer the world. She does everything intensely and 100%. If you give her an inch she will take one hundred miles. Right now she loves all things princess, dress up (her drug), wearing dresses in general (because regular clothes are unacceptable), babies, being the mommy, baby, and big helper (depending on her mood), and pushing every boundary she comes in contact with. She is always asking me whose in charge, hoping my answer will one day change from me to her. She's just like Anna from Frozen. If the sun is away, or will be in the next hour, she's awake, and she expects us all to be awake with her. She is an avid hot cocoa drinker and berry eater. She wants to be with her friends every day. She's a sweet talker and I'm sure she could be a stellar in hostage negotiation. I started her in ballet this fall and she has fallen in love. My mom took her to the nutcracker right before Thanksgiving and she's been humming it ever since. She always has a dance up her sleeve and if you were to see in her public there is a 88% chance that she would be dancing instead of walking. The other 12% is dedicated to falling to the ground and throwing fits because I can't carry her anymore. She really and truly dislikes walking, just ask her. Whenever moms talked about their kids making them cry I thought I understood...untill Ellie turned 3. Now, I actually understand. There is actually a special club for this, and you will know you've joined once you're crying in public into the bosom of a complete stranger at the post office. If you want the extended version ask anytime. It's been branded into my memory for the eternities. I don't write this to remember the bad things. Honestly, Ellie and I were put together to teach each other things that no one else could. Her laugh is contagious and her love for her people is profound. She is larger than life and my sidekick. I love this dreamy girl.

These two! I love watching them become friends. They can snuggle like nobody's business. When Ellie wants to, she's my biggest helper. Recently, Fitz has been fighting the diaper changes so Ellie will tell him secrets (AKA, whisper in his ear) and he just giggles. They love sneaking off to her room to play. I wish I knew what they did in there, but I'm not allowed. I love listening to them whispering and laughing through the door. They can also drive each other nuts and have quickly learned how to effectively push each others buttons. Most of the time though, they're thick as thieves.

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  1. Wonderful update, thanks for sharing! Love you, Dad