Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ellie's First Haircut

Today on a whim I decided to take Ellie to get her first haircut. Just kidding! I was super pre-meditated because, I mean, LOOK AT HER HAIR!

As you can tell, it was much needed. She had a mullet to rival all other 2 year old mullets. We took her to Cookie Cutters here in Bountiful and she loved it. They had a cute little play place near the entrance and she even got to sit on a pink elephant, a definite highlight. There was also tiny toys and Sofia the First involved, so really she was just in heaven the whole time. I was a little sad to give up my options for pig tails for a while, but I think it turned out so cute. She looks so grown up now! I even came home with a lock of her hair...I'm still deciding whether or not to keep it because I don't know, it that weird?

She spent the next few days pointing out her hair cut to everyone and their dog and asked me 6 bajillion times a day if I got a haircut too. If I tried to touch it though I was sternly told "no touch my haircut mom!" Stop getting so big Ellie Bean. Please?

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