Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fitz's Blessing Day

Dear Fitz,

You were blessed yesterday! It was a beautiful fall day and it couldn't have been anymore perfect. Here are some of the details so we never forget. You were blessed on Sunday November 1, 2015 by your daddy in Bountiful Utah in our ward, the Bountiful 3rd Ward. Your dad did such a beautiful job, he always does. In the circle: Jeremy, Great Grandpa Ray, Great Grandpa Lasater, Great Uncle Craig, Uncle James, Uncle Micah, Uncle Cale, Scott Strong, Jake Allen, Rob Holfeltz, and Bishop Roberts. We were missing your Papa Gary, he loves you so much. It was also so neat to have your Uncles Micah and Cale together in your circle. Micah got home from his mission last week and Cale leaves December 1st for Chile. You'll be 2 when he gets home. I can hardly believe it!

You were so good during your blessing, I didn't hear a peep. You slept through the rest of sacrament and then off and on afterwards. You happily let anyone snuggle you and were so patient when I forgot to feed you on schedule. You're laid back like that and bless you for being that way baby.

Your daddy blessed you with courage and many other wonderful things. We have your blessing transcribed if you would ever like to read it.

Your sister made sure you were entertained during sacrament meeting. She sang you all the hymns about 1 centimeter away from your face and gave you about a million kissed. You're so lucky to have such a doting big sister. I really and truly think she would do anything for you. She had fun running around with her friends Holden, Keila, and Sam and of course your cousins Brooklyn and Kendall were there.

After your blessing everyone gathered together at our home to celebrate you. Your Mimi and two of her friends (Alicia and Linda) ran the show. They made sure everyone was fed, everything looked pretty, and then cleaned up. They are angels. Your auntie Nin also saved us with BBQ sauce, my pork was a bit dry dang it. We had so many people come to show their love and support and to meet you. Your great grandmas loved holding and loving on you. We were also missing your Nana and Aunt Tori. They can't wait to meet you! I'm thinking you'll be spoiled with kisses come January.

That evening your mom and dad were pooped and your sister even fell asleep in her highchair (we also forgot to feed her, dang it). It was daylight savings time and were were all a bit thrown off. So, we spent the rest of the evening snuggling on the couch together. The perfect ending for the perfect day.

You are so loved Fitz. So many people are on your side rooting for you. I hope you never forget that.

Love, Mommy

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