Friday, October 2, 2015

The Past 2 Weeks

Lately, I've kind of been feeling left out of real life. Obviously, we've been spending a lot of time inside lately. Ellie is about to crawl out of her skin and I'm not far behind her, but things need to be slow right now. While I'm missing my friends and daily social outings, I'm trying to quickly remind myself to soak up the sweetness of these slow days. Our little family bubble will be popped October 8th and I'll never get these days back.

Like I said two posts ago, I want to keep up on my babies little lives, but most nights I'm so physically and mentally tired. All I can do is muster up the strength to eat a big bowl of cake and ice cream and catch up on Hulu while Fitz nurses. Sounds horrible, right? But really, I don't know why the thought of writing is so draining. Tonight was a good night though. Ellie actually stayed in her bed ALONE and fell asleep without the assistance of anything or anyone. This is a big deal. To toot her horn a little more, she also did this for her nap time. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, she'll keep getting better. It may or may not have to do with the fact that her pack and play is sitting in the middle of her room with an open threat of having to sleep in there. Good thing she hasn't put two and two together and realize that she can climb right out. Anyway, it took her until about 9:30 to drift off, but it's better than 11! Here I am with a few extra hours to spare. So, here I am with a sleeping baby on my chest, a big bowl of cake and ice cream, hulu, and with enough energy to write!

Ellie has been quite the character lately. Besides fighting us tooth and nail on her sleep schedule, she's been a little spit fire. She's testing every limit possible and let's just say there have been lots of tears and time spent in her room. It's so hard to watch her act out because I know she's also trying her hardest to be the nicest girl she can be. Never before has she been so agreeable, helpful, and loving. Does that even make sense? Agreeable and a limit tester. It's actually possible. On the moments where we have managed to leave the house she's been in heaven. We've gone to the park a few times and Farmington Station to get her dance on. She's been missing her friends as well and I know she has more energy than she knows what to do with on the days when we don't make it out.

A few nights ago we actually lost her at Farmington Station. She was dancing on the turf and I was sitting on the grass next to her holding Fitz. He spit up and I literally looked down for 4 seconds to wipe his face and I looked up and she was gone. J.rue was occupied for those 4 seconds as well but saw the direction that she ran off. He went one way and I went another. I've never prayed or bargained so quickly and so much in my whole life. Thankfully I ran into a woman from our old ward who offered to hold Fitz while I ran off looking for Ellie. A moment later I saw two little leopard print shoes sitting at a table by herself in Fiiz...drinking an abandoned 44 oz. Proud mother moment. One of my old young women happened to be there as well and was walking over to her just as I was. We were so lucky to have found her safe and sound, but also to have so many wonderful people in our lives looking out for us. Also, Ellie will be on a leash until she's at least 11.

Lately she's been into us clapping for just about everything she does. She also coaches us to say "yay Ellie" whenever she asks. After she's happy with the amount of celebration she'll take a bow and say "thank you much." It's adorable. I was trying to figure out where she picked that up and then I realized it was probably from one of the thousands of hours of TV she's been allowed over the past few weeks.

Fitz is just busy being a newborn. He sleeps, eats, and poops (like 14 times a day). He's a great sleeper and a good eater, unless he wants to sleep more than eat, which is often. He's a stubborn little stinker and really does love to be held. I think he's back and forth on how much he likes his car seat. I'm hoping he'll tip more towards likes. On the few occasions that it's just been the 3 of us, I've been thrown for a loop when I'm trying to help Ellie nap, eat, change, etc and he decides that he wants to be held NOW. Ellie goes into distress mode anytime he cries. I almost wish that I could see our chaos from a third party. It has to be pretty entertaining, and messy. Life has gotten so messy.

Between all of the messes and mountains of diapers though, we've had so many sweet moments as a family. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. Ellie has loved the extra time with her daddy and wants to go everywhere with him. I love watching her grow so effortlessly into a wonderful big sister. She's already asking about a sister and I can't help but laugh. I told her she has to raise her baby brudder first. Oh she loves him.

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