Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter Sunday + General Conference weekend turned out to be a pretty perfect combo. I've been anticipating G.C. for a few weeks. First, because I love the spiritual guidance that I so desperately need by the end of the last six months and second, Ellie will be joining the ranks for nursery goers this coming Sunday, FINALLY! But really, it's mostly hearing from our beloved Apostles and Prophet. Adding Easter into the mix just makes it that much sweeter. Amazingly enough, I kind of blogged about Easter last year. Look how much my baby has grown up!

This year was Ellie's first "interactive" Easter. Last year I think she was big enough to sit up and poke at the things in her basket. This year was much more fun. We went to two Easter egg hunts this week (almost three, but we slept through the actual city egg hunt). The first one was at our church with our weekly playgroup. Everyone brought 10 eggs filled with non-candy prizes. Ellie loved opening up her eggs and finding little toy animals, stickers, and, her most favorite, two tiny pink rubber duckies. She's carried them around since then! Melinda hosted the second and went all out. She had sweets and treats and gobs of eggs. The kids had a blast and the mommy company was just as good.

Besides the fact that I'm super impatient when it comes to presents, I also like focusing on the true meaning of Easter on the actual day, so the bunny came Friday night and Ellie got to play with her Easter goodies all Saturday long. Jeremy went to play basketball that morning, so he covered her basket up with one of his sweatshirts. It worked, quite well actually. Once he was home he showered and we decided to finish the first session of conference before showing her the basket. The next thing we know she's running down the hall, basket in hand, biggest grin ever, and stops right at my feet and promptly dumps out her whole basket. Little stinker. At least she had the decency to bring it to us before diving in. After inspecting each Disney princess, she managed to inhale 4 Peeps in about, oh 22 seconds. I'm not exaggerating. Holidays with kids are the best, the besty best.

The rest of the Saturday was spent lounging and watching conference and then our traditional girls night while the brothers went to Priesthood session. The girls got good and tuckered out at the park and Melinda and I got some good chatting in, as always.

On Sunday, Aunt Tori came and spent the day with us. We watched the morning session of conference at home and then made the trek to North Ogden to eat Easter dinner with my grandparents, cousins, and some aunts and uncles. Honestly, it was a bit of a zoo, but I'd never have it any other way. Of course, the food was delicious and it was so nice seeing family that we never get to see enough.Sadly, it was so crazy and we were so busy talking, I didn't get a single picture. We all looked lovely.  Also, I got my most favorite book from my grandma today. When I was little, the second we got to their house to visit I would run downstairs to their bookshelf and pull this book out and read it cover to cover, twice.

We finished off the evening chatting with the rest of our families and wishing Happy Easters to each other. My mom and brother are actually with my in-laws in Hawaii. We're jealous of all of them. We loved spending the day with Aunt Tori. Ellie was able to finally master the saying of her name, and loved all of the attention that she gave her. Come and spend the day with us again soon!

 I'm so thankful for weekends like these. General Conference weekends are almost like a new start every six months, and Easter and spring bring new beginnings. I'm grateful for the chance to be better. Be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and just a better person in general. I'm thankful for this gospel, the Savior and His atonement. 

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