Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Day-To-Day

While I'm working on getting my summer recap photos together (there are sooo many photos) I just wanted to make sure that I didn't forget about the day-to-day, the best tiny parts of life. I'm kicking myself for not doing more "day in the life" posts so I can remember the little things and see how quickly things change. My little tiny is a lover of routines, but also likes to change things up to keep her mommy on her toes. I'm going to start putting one of those posts together too, but for now just little snippets will do.

I remember when I was so nervous about quitting my job. I was scared that I would be bored (HA!) or that I just wouldn't like being home all day. Now, after almost a year I can proudly report that I haven't had a single boring day, the housework is never finished, and I have slight mom guilt over working while Ellie is awake. I love it. Being home isn't easy or a cop out, it's a challenge. One that I wake up every day excited to take on.

Now onto our little bean...

It's a miraculous thing that my tiny helpless newborn has blossomed into a curious, busy, and oh so delightful little girl. I guess she's still technically a baby, but she's taken her first steps and is getting braver everyday. That's straight up toddler if you ask me. Her little body radiates pure joy and she's brimming with giggles and mischief. Oh she's curious.

We still have plenty of cry sessions during the day. Most of the time it's because balance has been lost and heads are bumped, but sometimes her koala is rude and trips her, and other times she just needs some snuggles. Thank goodness the sadness is always short lived.

This girl flaunts some serious sass. She loves having an audience, and when there is no audience to be found she makes sure her stuffed animals are in full attention. Growing up I was never attached to anything thing and neither were my brothers. It's been an interesting adventure having a child attached to a stuffed animal. There's always a great debate whether or not to risk bringing Wallace (the koala) to the store, on a walk, or to a friend's house. He's been left in Zupas, on the sidewalk, and in a Target shopping cart. We've lucked out so far and have found him each time.

Having a busy body comes with messes, lots of messes. She dumps out the dog's food and water daily, drags things to and fro throughout the house, and lately has taking a liking to bum cream. That was my bad, but really? The mouth? Aveeno is semi natural, right?

Look how brave ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Ellie and I spend a lot of alone time together. We're so grateful to have a wonderful daddy/husband who is willing to work so hard for us, but it doesn't mean we don't miss him, especially as of late. The long hours are hard on all of us, but little moments like this make things a little easier. It's the saddest when he get's home after Ellie has gone to sleep. Lucky for him, she sometimes decides to wake up to greet him. This girl loves her daddy. His homecoming is full of squeals and arm flapping. Every. Time. It's the cutest.

Thank goodness for the weekends. She loves waking up and having her daddy home to play with her all day. J.rue took Ellie to the aquarium with his brother last Saturday and they were gone for 4 hours. Yes, that means that I had 4 hours to myself. At home. I didn't even know what to do with myself. But of course, I was counting down the minutes once they told me they were on their way home. I'm a little addicted to my people.

We are so glad to have good friends (and future husbands) to hang out with while daddy is gone.

(he really does love her, he just doesn't like being forced into snuggling)

The day to day really is so delicious.

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