Friday, December 21, 2012


{Christmas 2011 - proof of our inability to take a decent family photo - but none the less, a favorite. This is also proof of how slowly my hair grows. Sad for me.}

It's Christmas! It's here and I really can't believe it. I know it's not technically Christmas, but if you know me at all you know that I like to stretch every inch out of holidays that I can (i.e. the birthday week). I'm done with work until 2013, so I feel that Christmas festivities shall start today. Also, I'm wearing a ridiculous ensemble of complete red and green and I might add that it's the most obnoxious red known to man. I love it.

Growing up I remember hearing adults talking about how fast Christmas comes. I could not fathom that for the life of me. Christmas took foreeeeeeever to come. But now, I get it. It comes and goes way too fast, and especially this year, I felt like I haven't taken the time to enjoy it. I've been busy, but I think I always will be so somethings gotta give. J.rue and I talked about all the Christmas dates that we were going to go on, but instead we got work done or passed out on our bed at 8 pm out of pure exhaustion. Next year I'll do better. I'll make a resolution to do so. Which will be nice because it's one resolution that I won't have to worry about for almost a whole year!

But back to the festivities of the present. I determined to go on at least one Christmas date with J.rue and I'm shooting for tonight. Activity TBA. Tomorrow I'll be treating myself to a holiday eye brow wax and a Christmas shellac (my first!) and then we're off to a Christmas day date with the Kwallek clan. I think we're making the trek out to Scheels, on one of the last Christmas shopping days of the year. Pray for us.

Sunday we'll be heading down to SLC for a Ruesch family Christmas par-tay, talent show included. J.rue and I are working on a dance routine that is sure to knock their socks off. Then I will be the glorious day of Christmas Eve. I think I much prefers eve's of holidays, actually yes I do. They're more fun. It's the anticipation. Sadly, J.rue has to work, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for an early escape. Want to know how many people will be at my mom's house Christmas eve? Okay, I'll break it down for you:

Adults: 9
The over 13s: 3
The under 13s: 3
Dogs (because dogs is people too): 5

Add it all up! 15 non-furs and 5 furs = 20! 20! 20!

I'm an excited stressed out ball of nerves. 17/20 will be sleeping under the same roof that night. Oi. Slumber Party! HP marathons, soup, and games will be occupying our time and I'm sure the party will continue into the wee hours of the night. Plus it's supposed to snow! How perfect! Snow! Snow! Snow! Did you know that the official weather folks decided that to have an official white Christmas you need 1 solid inch of snow on the ground? I think we're in the running my Utah friends!

Christmas day we'll head over to mama and papa Ruesch's for what I vote to be the best Christmas breakfast ever! We'll also be squeezing a showing of Les Mis in there. J.rue and I started this movie tradition after we were married. We thought it would be nice to spend time with just the two of us.  I love it. Who know's what the 26th will bring. Probably holiday hang-overs (of the non-alcoholic sort) and sleeping in and MAYBE some working out. But it's not yet 2013, so don't hold yer breath.

One of my resolutions is to take pictures on my actual camera and post better pictures to go along with my ridiculous stories that I share with you. I hope to start that tonight. Here's to hopin'!

Merry Christmas and God bless us, every one.


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  2. We are going to Les Mis! I am DYING. You should download the soundtrack on iTunes, it's incredible. Sounds like such a fun Christmas!!!!