Monday, June 11, 2012


This weekend was a quick one, at least that's how it felt to me. Friday I flew solo while J.rue went on a Father/Son camp-out, I was mostly trying to recover from my awesome heat rash that had taken over my body last week -- and thankfully it worked, so that's the last you should be hearing about that. I ate some pizza, slurped a slurpee, and watched My Week with Marilyn. Is is bad that I kind of love nights alone, when I can fall asleep at 8 pm? I'm just going to assume you agree with me.

Saturday we had a family reunion  for my mom's side of the family. My grandma's been planning it since December of last year, and it turned out so cute. I made this dip. I could eat a whole batch by myself if given the chance.There was good food, a riveting kick-ball game, and lots of good talking. OF COURSE all of the photos are on j.rue's phone, so who knows if I'll ever get them up. I did get a picture of the sweet littles working the pinatas.

That night we went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. It was visually stunning, but that's about all I can say about it. Oh and that j.rue and I both have a new crush on Charlize Theron. Sunday was filled to the brim with girls camp preparations as today will be. We're off tomorrow and will be back Thursday, so I'm going MIA again for a few days, but I'm sure I'll be back with lots of good stories.

I may have a post for tomorrow, so check back!

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